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02 June 2016
In September 2007, Denis (only weekends) broke the old kitchen at their summer cottage, to build in its place a new framework cuisine.Broken with the help of saws and scrap and assorted board quality.Decent piled on the formwork, the rest on the wood for the columns and emissions.

The construction


Where is Dennis cottage, ground water are high, and for this reason it was decided to make a small zaglublёnny foundation - 20 cm. To 40 cm wide. For the foundation used 16 valves.We had to pour the foundation of winter and leave before spring.The locations of the outlets pipes laid to asbestos.

ends of the pipe, where the holes are, obkleyte oilcloth, otherwise there zatechёt solution and then have a long hollowing his hammer.

foundation it was decided to fill in manually using the mixer.Dennis bought 50 bags of cement grade 500 with delivery.Ordered KamAZ sand (4-5 cubes) and KamAZ rubble.For two days, he and my mother kneaded, and poured the foundation for the kitchen.
In winter, covered with roofing material.Formwork removed in the spring.

technology fills steps kitchen

In April, Denis continued building and began to round the stairs.This technology was already familiar to him.

First of all, you need to design the height of the steps.Denis suit the height of steps 180 mm, width 200 mm.size depends on the height, the size of the legs, etc.(Look at the forum about the construction of stairs).Under the stairs dug a hole 30 cm fell asleep its sand and spilled water, that is, made a pillow.Steps should be done separately from the foundation of the house at a distance of 25 the width of the board formwork.If you do get along very troublesome.

First you need to make the formwork for the highest step in the form of a half-cylinder.It is very convenient to use a sheet of hardboard and board 25h250 mm.Boards sealed with three bars, to get a shield 600h360 mm.Then cut out a rectangular sheet of hardboard size 300h360 mm.Secure the shield and screws at the ends of hardboard and thus obtain half-cylinder.Hammered metal bars into the ground around the casing (hardboard) and screwed to the inside of the casing screws, hardboard to the posts.

technique of mixing concrete

In the next step you need to properly mix the concrete, and this is poured into the concrete mixer 2/3 20 liter buckets of water and turn it.For a bucket of water should cement M-500 and knead.Following a bucket of sand - interfere.A bucket of gravel - interfere.A bucket of sand - interfere.A bucket of gravel - interfere.

receive such proportion of 2/3 water, 1 cement, 2 sand, gravel 2.Everything is mixed until smooth which is poured into the formwork is flush with the top edge.Top recessed in prefab concrete grid to a depth of 1-2 cm. Cover the entire structure with roofing material.Roofing felt should be put so that it does not touch the upper surface of the concrete.We reserve structure for the week

Removed formwork flooded with half-cylinder.The next step is done the same way.The height of the formwork in this case is 180 mm.

As before knead properly after pouring the concrete and do not forget about home.Close the construction roofing material and leave everything on the week.Formwork is removed under general enthusiasm.For safety steps can be reinforced.Next steps obkladyvayutsya natural stone.

frame for the sill

In mid-May Denis measured and sawed framework for binding (channel 16 mm), and a welder it all cooked.Colored paint channel "Three Bears" (Rust).Lightly brush cleared out the worn grinders and painted on with a brush.

Iron frame is done in case a rickety foundation of groundwater or any other reason.Then, in order to avoid skewing the house it can be a jack to lift the iron frame.

Did sill, put joists and subfloor boards of 50x200.Put on the tabs at the bottom of the sill, where they were not, they were pre-welded corners of the forty-fifth.

If you'll buy firewood (boards and beams) at the sawmill, then get ready for what they may be curved.

not buy raw board 10x5 cm racks, log, etc.etc.- It is - rocker.Much wise to buy a larger, for example 20x5 cm, and then cut it lengthwise.During drying, the narrow planks put down and better hold them together with bolts or screws.

Purchase Building Material

beginning July Dennis has delivered building materials to the country by car bull that loaded to the eyeballs.The machine ordered on the Internet, has made an advance payment in advance.The market gained:
  • Vinyl Siding domestic brown with white furniture.According to Denis - if done on technology, it is still holding up well and looks fine;
  • Roofing with all the bells and whistles: horse ventilated, Drip, wind braces, carpet backing (Finnish roofing material), nails (roofing course), glue (such as mastic asphalt) on the ridge does not hurt the nail heads and shiny, if suddenly on edgehammered tiles, you can cover.The main objective of the postmark - the joints of roof cladding;
  • plates for sloping ceiling under the rafter 20 packs of 3 meters;
  • OSB 18 mm - 67 sheets;
  • Insulation "Isoroc" - 5 cm - on the floor, walls and roof - 25 packs;
  • Stone Aristone Tianshan 16 with glue to close the base.


wall frames Denis made himself on the floor, and then with the help of mom and dad to raise and fix them.On it went to a bar 100x100 mm through 122, and between the board 50x100 mm.All the designs are fixed the metal brackets and screws - 65 mm with an electric drill.Window and door openings zapilivaem timbers by five centimeters.

After he started lifting frame stud walls OSB.The height of the walls to get 2 500 mm.All joints on the frame plates fall.Between the plates, when installing paving pieces of hardboard for clearance.

if the plate will be mounted on one person, the first - the level of the bottom screws are screwed so that they protruded 2.5 cm, then put them on a plate and holding with one hand basting drill holes, screw thus shouldalready be in the teeth.Conveniently basting drill holes of 2.5 mm.

After OSB kitchen wall hangings began to emerge.Where there is a dining room with large windows, and where a small window - very small kitchen.

be continued.

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