How to make a small fountain

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02 June 2016

Design Fontana consists of three elements: water flowing out of the tube and flowing back in a continuous loop;pump supplying the water;decorative elements, through which water flows down.

Fountain scheme


  1. pump.Recommended capacity - 1136.52 liters / hour.
  2. copper tube diameter of 1.27 cm. To supply water from the pump to the top of the fountain.
  3. Waterproof Bowl: plastic container for the pump, the connecting pipes and water collection.It should be about 15 cm. Diameter wider bases fountain and 30 cm. Above the pump.The pump must always be under water.
  4. Flat stones or other material for the construction of the visible part of the fountain.Choose something sustainable.
  5. small stones or other suitable material to cover the top of the cup.
  6. 1,27 x 1,27 cm. Coupling with internal thread for connecting the tube with the pump.
  7. 1,27 cm. Ball float flow regulator to regulate the flow of water.
  8. coating to protect the pump from dirt fiberglass or solid foil, or something that has a solid foundation.The co
    ating should be large enough to go all entered bowl entirely.
  9. material to strengthen the fountain (boards, slats).
  10. gravel for drainage into the sump, and under it.
  11. PVC tube length of 2.5 cm. To display the power cord out of the pump.

you need the following tools:

  1. scissors to cut out the coating fountain.
  2. insulating tape / tape and rope to stretch the cord through a tube pump.
  3. cutter.
  4. adjustable wrench.
  5. Hammer.
  6. Drill.
  7. Hand saw.
  8. Syringe grout.


  1. Dig recess pump
    Dig a hole 5 cm. Deeper than the height of the cup and of sufficient width for its placement.Dig a narrow groove from the pit to the nearest outlet.
  2. Attach tube to the bowl
    Pour in the gravel pit layer of 5 cm. For drainage.Place the bowl on top.If necessary, backfill gravel so that the bowl does not wobble.With the help of a rope pull cord pump in PVC pipe, put a tube in the groove, and sprinkle the ground.
  3. think for a first approximation, the suitability of components to each other.
    Place the pump in the center of the bowl.Put a cover over the hole and make a mark on it over the screw pump and the tap on the edge closest to the tube.
  4. Schedule outlet
    Cut a hole diameter of 2.5 cm. In accordance with the central mark.By marking cut the flap - the pump should easily fit through the hole in the cup, and just as easily removable.
  5. Connect copper pipe and bowl
    Cut a piece of copper tube 10 cm in length. Remove the regulator fittings (n. 7 materials), slip the bulb, then put the brass ring on the long part of the tube.Insert the tube into the valve control, push the ball with your finger through the ring to the regulator.Likewise attach a short portion of the tube to the other end of the regulator.
    Screw the appropriate end of the coupling to the pump.Unscrew the clutch, push the ball, and then ring in the short tube.Connect the tube with the pump with the help of fittings.Tighten a little harder compound.
    Pour the gravel on the bottom of the bowl 5 cm layer. Place the pump in the center of the tube up.Cover design screen so that the flap was over they exit the pump.
  6. construction foundations fountain
    Cut the desired length of the board and place it on top of the screen openings.
  7. Drill holes in the rocks
    Put stones at each other in a way that looked aesthetically pleasing design.Make a mark there, CDB will be opening.Drill the holes.
  8. Collect Fountain
    nanizhite stones on the copper tube.Make a mark on the tube in a position corresponding to the upper edge of the stone.Remove the tube, cut off the excess portion of Truk 0.5 cm. Below.Fill the bowl with water so that the top layer of the pump was 12 cm. Open the regulator, connect the pump, turn it on, check the pressure.Adjust the pressure.
  9. Quit.Correct stones, so that water flowed in the right direction, fill the spaces between them small stones, check the stability of the structure.Turn off the water, fill the cracks between the stones silicone glue, let it dry.If everything works as it should, then close the cover and mask its stones.

Regularly check the water level in the bowl, especially in hot weather, and blow off some of her that the pump has always been under water.

Editor: Roman Adamov