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02 June 2016
That May - the beginning of a new villa-building 2009 season.Dennis was waiting for him with great impatience to finish his creation - the villa kitchen.

now on the agenda of interior kitchen.First of all, you need to finish the spots.Following you need to putty the walls pokleit wallpaper, linoleum floor cover, etc.Buda until ready kitchen.

Installation spots

To install them, he bought the guide profile and 27h28 mm mm profile rigidity 27h60 - suspensions.For proper installation it is to use the leveling - horizontal lines.

Spots are attached to the suspension, which hung on the beams.With the leveling he drew horizontal, which corresponds to the upper level of the spot thickness is 85 mm.

Using a pencil, measuring tape and measures the length of triangle and cut the guide profile.Using the screwdriver needed to fasten the profile with screws along the line.To make a spot 27 mm thick bottom parallel need to squeeze one more profile.The same must be done on a perpendicular wall.Then
, from a single piece of the guide profile you want to cut the design - "hanging" guide profile, which is fastened to the wall with screws.Between the guide profiles have to drive the ribs - 67x27 mm.and 30 cm long.

's all ready.In all the work it took him 2 days.

When designing lighting, note that holes bulb shining onto the reinforcement ribs.

lighting fittings

After completing the installation, he summed up the spots to backlight.It consists of 13 round of fixtures at 220V 35 watts each.Fixtures he connected to different switches, as belonging to the different walls.

then had to make holes for the fixtures.While working he used: Hammer, extension, crown 73 mm, roulette, square and pencil to mark.The main thing is not to get carried away and mark the places where there will be openings for lamps.After installing reached the spot in the cable 1.5 square to highlight.It establishes a system of protection galogennovyh lamps, 2 lines - the two devices.For 5 W lamp unit 200, and eight bulbs 300 watts.Still hung streetlight.

putty plasterboard

bonding agents to perform works Denis drove to the market and bought:
  • for priming drywall - Tifengrund (Knauf);
  • sizing joints sheets - serpyanku self-adhesive;
  • to putty sheets - Fugenfyuller filler (Knauf)
  • And another bag every small things.

Denis has never plastered, but nowhere to retreat, it is necessary to finish the kitchen, and the fear started to work.For the first sample did one wall.Using the brush 20 cm wide and missed stitches plane sheets impregnated drywall Knauf-Tiffengrunt.After three hours (as per instructions) all seams taped, but not corners, self-adhesive serpyanka.Manually in the proportions of 0.8 liters per 1 kg of the mixture kneaded putty Knauf-Fugenfyuller.With experience began kneading on the "eye".To do this in a clean container to pour clean water, and fill the mixture while stirring it with a spatula.After 3 minutes, added some more of the mixture to obtain the desired consistency.Finished putty should be used within 30 minutes.

mixture is always necessary to mix in a clean container otherwise dried putty will interfere with the operation.
For training, first, knead a small amount of filler.

angles from the walls is best done with the help of iron perforated corners.On the corner of putty is applied and bonded area, the excess removed trowel.All seams, chips from the screw holes, too, need putty.

After drying putty Denis took a big spatula 50 cm and became putty to level the entire wall.When all seams are neatly plastered and there is no pimple problems with the filler will not.Pimples removed a small spatula or sandpaper.After drying, you need to walk sandpaper and apply a layer of more Tiffengrunta.

In the end, he once again treated spots finishing putty Vetonit LR + to achieve the ideal flat surface for painting.

Sticking fiberglass

first need to be primed wall Tifengruntom (Knauf) and wait until it dries, then stir glue (water-based) and put on the wall, cut off the right piece of wallpaper and glue it on the wall.Wallpaper glued butt.Next sheet greased again.Before mounting the wrong, and not to confuse the front side.If you have bubbles need to drive to the syringe and squeeze the glue wallpaper to the wall.To avoid bubbles better cement the walls, and a special roller expel air from beneath wallpaper.

Painting kitchen

to paint the kitchen, he bought a German paint for facades.The fact that the food is not heated in the winter and the other inks can not withstand such use.For this, he bought 15 liters of paint for two.

finish floors, and this is first covered with OSB hardboard, and put on top of the linoleum.Profits on the perimeter of the plinth.I hung blinds.

start assembling kitchen furniture, paved the gas hose to the cylinder.Canopy hood that really pulls out all!In general, the kitchen is done as planned last year.

July 13, 2009 Denis with joy and delight told finished construction specialties.

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