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02 June 2016
Acquired house project of aerated concrete, has been reworking the project house brick.While Mazaika built the foundation, he collected information about other construction materials, and by the time when the foundation was ready decided to build his house from Samara ceramic blocks.Construction began in October 2008.

site search

In early summer, there was an overwhelming desire to acquire ownership of a plot of land and build on it - your own home.All summer spent on the search and clearance area in the property.To quickly realized the dream, decided not to pull and build the foundation for future home autumn.

Building permit

paperwork to build a house Mazaika started with an application for permission to build a house, from the hand painted its location, size and distance to the neighboring areas and to the street.Signed neighbors permission to build houses closer than 3 meters to the site and it has applied to the architect.

After a week he received permission.

In preparing the document
s it tried to "dissolve" in the money: like need a complete project, which will cost 300 thousand, to make geological surveys - 50 thousand. It is not confused.He got acquainted with the Urban Planning Code, which says nothing about this solution.Therefore boldly passed documents - they accepted without question.

apply for the chief architect for the issuance of technical conditions: written application for water and electricity.

get ready application, carried her to the appropriate economic organizations.The issue of water decided, with electricity is pulled, despite the fact that the pole with wires is near the house.With the design of gas has not yet started, the old house it is suitable, but they say that everything will need to register again, from scratch.

Building foundation

bought on site soil is somewhere between sand and sandy loam.The deeper Roesch, the more sand soil.In those places well pines, and the water table is at a depth of 30-40 meters.The house bought with the site stands on melkozaglublёnnom foundation.

The acquired land has a slope of 10% so Mazaika built one corner of the basement on an artificial basis of schebёnki (builders assured that everything will be fine).But eventually he realized that it is necessary to strengthen the foundation of the standing in bulk schebёnke.

height of the foundation for a new house was 1.5 meters of them 1.1 meters in the ground and 40 cm base.The foundation is built for one-storey house with attic and no basement.The width at the bottom of the basement 75 cm, width 40 cm entire tape. To fill it, he used concrete grade 150.

the way, when buying a home do not forget to make friends with the neighbors.It will be easier to agree on the construction of the house, if not complied with all the rules exactly.Otherwise, you can not obtain a building permit and registration of their property.

The project bought the house lacked the drawings, which would indicate the location of communications and other information.Therefore Mazaika had to think through everything and to discuss with the superintendent.

a result of discussions they defined the place, where are the sewage pipes, plumbing, electrical cable.Do not forget about the ground.

During pouring of the foundation was not without incidents - in two places formwork cracked and broken.I had to stop work and to strengthen the formwork.Then we make the final casting, which took place without incident.For security purposes, poured slowly into a few visits from 9 am to 18 pm.Concrete was poured in one place and drove around the foundation, so vibration is not produced.During pouring torn polyethylene, which is laid to isolate the wood from the concrete.Part of it came out, and thus appeared capillary gap for the penetration of moisture into the basement.To resolve the error had to burn the gas burner and putty.

formwork foundation using colored fiberboard sheets 5 mm, the foundation will smooth, high-quality and nedorogoy.ya

boundaries of the site

to know where the actual border region, he invited specialist GPS.During measurements transpired unpleasant fact - the left side of the house was 40 cm closer to the neighboring plots than permitted by the rules (lamentable result of the measurement area from neighboring fence).In general, the entire area not exactly divided by fences: in one place it on the neighbor's fence is the territory, the other on his neighbor's fence.

the same day looked basement level theodolite - the difference was 6 cm. !!!

retaining wall

decision to build a retaining wall came when it became clear that winter is delayed and you can catch something else to do.To concrete podmёrz not, in any case, he purchased: antifreeze "Birch" - 5 cans of 10 liters and an additive that accelerates setting - liquid glass 4 cans of 15 liters.

while doing basement waterproofing, he puzzled over the construction of a retaining wall.According to the calculations of her height it gains 2 meters.After discussing the various projects he has decided to attach the frame to the base of the retaining wall.

reasons for the construction of a retaining wall were several:

  • First of all, it is the slope area by 10% which means that it needs to be aligned and do a terrace retaining wall at the bottom of the plot behind the house.
  • Mazaika wanted to keep the old house as a storage shed and equipment, besides, wanted to build a new home away from the bustling streets and beat him in front of a flower bed, so a new home had to be put in the back area.Next
  • practical reasons.For safety Mazaika decided to make entry into the horizontal section - at the level of the road and had to raise the level of the basement.
  • on the terrace, which appears after the construction of a retaining wall, he plans to make the open summer terrace.
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