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02 June 2016

Plans Sergei was not part of the construction of the gazebo at their summer cottage.For this purpose, commonly used open veranda, Attached Garage.But friends and girlfriends come to visit his daughter eight years, began to spend a lot of time on the porch, especially in inclement weather.And then came the idea to build a small house of their games.

Knowing that in a few years the children grow up in the house and they will be closely, he decided to do for my daughter and her friends house - gazebo measuring 3 by 4 meters.And to serve a long time, it was necessary to do everything thoroughly.Time Sergei was not enough and he for speed, use ready-made designs.

building foundations and walls

Sergei began construction, as it should be with the foundation.Using benzo-drill, he drilled into the ground to a depth of 60 cm, 20 cm diameter 16 holes.In the opening set asbestos-cement pipes with a diameter of 12 cm and 80 cm long.I sprinkle them with sand and rammed it.Then, the tube filled with concrete

solution consisting of one part cement to four parts sand and six parts of fine gravel.While the concrete mix not hardened in the tubes, inserted therein anchoring plate with holes for fastening lag floor.

When the cement has hardened, Sergey secured with screws to the floor joists anchor plate, laid between the beams and pillars sheets of roofing material.Bed tongued floorboards, pulled them into wedges and fixed by screws in the groove.Align the edges of the boards and cut excess circular saw.

Along the perimeter of the floor, from the end, he nailed a board section 150H25mm, it secured the basement below the plastic panel under a brick, and then install the wall panels with top grilles.On top of the wall panels fastened together 40H30mm bar.

panels are framed doors in the upper part, which, instead of a solid wooden board grill.Sergey bought them in advance (dismantled outdoor cafe in it their role as partitions and walls).Panels had podremontirovat, paint fit in size.


Before placing the roof trusses covered Sergey "Aquatex" from the gun in two layers, as the paint below the rafters is very inconvenient and time consuming.

as roofing tiles used a soft Russian production.The basis for the tiles were the OSB sheets.For smaller buildings waste using this roofing material is almost there.

finished with a roof, Sergei set weir, made of four-meter sewer pipes and plastic parts, cut in half.Crepe drain screws with a large flat hat by 20-30cm.

Spatial Planning

began building after the roof area: dug and leveled the ground around the gazebo, rammed earth, using a scrap sheet of OSB, made the wooden steps and walkways made of concrete and planted lawn grass.

So for one month and only for the weekend, Sergei managed to build a gazebo for his eight-year daughter and her friends.

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