Masonry walls of ceramic blocks

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02 June 2016
In the first part of the story about the construction of a house in the country Mazaika said as he made the foundation and retaining wall.He still wanted to make the ground floor, but the project was not to be.He tried to solve this problem, but it was impossible, and slabs for floors, he did not find.As a result, he left no room for the basement, and all covered with earth.Just under the stairs, he left little room for the cellar.

Finding blocks for walls

Before buying blocks it, first of all, I decided to test them.First acquired aerated concrete block, I poked, he was fragile, and the smell had not pleasant, chemical, so he did not like it.In addition, it gives a good shrink.Why in the house do not immediately finish - you need to wait a year or two.

Tested polystyrene blocks.We do not come - very flimsy.

In the end, after checking the various blocks, he stopped at the ceramic blocks.The size of the ceramic block - 0.25h0,51h0,22 = 0.0279 cubic meters.Price 109 rubles.The price per cubic meter
- 3900 rubles.As of December 1, 2008.For comparison, the price of concrete blocks in the Samara plant YUTONG- 3800 rubles.per cubic meter.

thickness of the wall at home Mazaika 510 mm.The blocks will be put on the warm solution poking RAUF Termo or KNAUF LM-21 Termo, which have low thermal conductivity.(0.25-0.3), and only the exterior walls.And the interior walls will be put on the tile adhesive "Prospectors" (very cheap).To reduce the thickness of the seam and saving solution, he bought glass cloth mesh with a mesh 5x5 mm, a width of 1 m and 50 m long, for 195 rubles.per roll - 16 rolls.

foundation built under the aerated concrete blocks - 40 cm. The size of ceramic blocks 51 cm. Base turns sink 11 cm. He calculates he lay bricks.More

for construction of walls, he bought: small units - for corners, dressing, jumper.It is necessary to buy all the necessary building blocks to take full advantage of porous ceramics.More purchased U - shaped blocks of 2 types - large and small.It is not clear how construction began docked large blocks of external and internal walls of the small blocks.

addition to the main unit 510 mm.manufacturer and sells exactly the only smaller - 380 mm.At the junction, he plans to put a block for dressing on the inside wall of the carrier.And for interfacing with no load-bearing walls is enough to put galvanized plate (eg, drywall hangers) to the main clutch, in each row.Of course, not all problems are solved with the laying of the blocks.But in the process of building all solved.

house outside he plans to finish the warm facade plaster on the grid.Inside, too warm plaster.Warming in this house are planned.By purchasing units in the fall, he brought them to the country obvёrnutye in the film.There they stood for the whole winter.

before building a house you need to buy a level - it will be easier.Otherwise you will have to pay 1,000 rubles.for each person leaving with leveling.


to construction is not stopped due to lack of water, it was decided not to rely on village water supply, and drill a hole.


  • Casing increased thickness 140 mm - 17850 rub .;
  • For delivery took - 1800 rubles .;
  • Filters for water 2 pieces - 10200 rub .;
  • Drilling - 48,000 rubles.(1000 rubles. 1 meter);
  • Submersible Pump - 650 rub .;
  • Water hose 50 meters - 950 rub .;
  • Sand and gravel 2 cubic meters- For dumping well - 2000 rubles .;
  • drinking water for drilling - boiler 2 to 6 cubic meters - 2 000 rubles.

Total 83 450 rubles.

total of 48 meters of the well cost him 1738 rubles.per square meter.

save - on tubes bought in Yaroslavl, and drillers have discounted.

can do cheaper.It needs to buy only one filter, slit, not coated pipe and thinner - 125 mm.Then the price will be 60 thousand. Rub.

started the new season

After preparing the base material and drilling Mazaika hired workers and went to work.And, above all, I began to strengthen the corners of the foundation, who were on an artificial ground.Cellar dug deep and filled it.And to make the concrete water-repellent properties, he used a hydrophobic additive "Sika".I did headroom for a well and installed a pump.They then lined the foundation level and flooded the floor of the first floor on the ground.

masonry walls

build from keramoblokov Mazaika liked.But in the beginning I had to suffer until the learn the basics of masonry.Over time, the accumulated experience of working with blocks.After mastering the basics of laying the first day of the difficulties we are behind, and the process went much faster than masonry.On the second day, along with a mason they put 1.5 cube.They say that the record stacking blocks 5 cubes, but it's probably not: the cutting blocks, places the corners, spreading nets, dressing with load-bearing walls.All this greatly hinders the work and takes up 50% of the time.

solution for masonry

To prepare the solution, first of all, it is necessary to calculate the correct consistency.For this purpose various options have been tried.

cement and sand - the solution turns rigid, moisture is absorbed quickly and is difficult to move the block to be corrected.

with the addition of clay - it turns a very plastic, power sags and floats.

on tile adhesive he also decided not to put the same reason.

most successful was this part:

bag of powder (30 kg) RAUF, 3 bucket of river sand, 1 bucket of cement grade 400 and 50 grams of plasticizer (mixture composition invented Mazaika).Thus it is necessary to make thinner solution and pour it out of the bucket and smooth.During stacking blocks not sharply lowered.Water is slowly absorbed and block at the same time well-equals.

When laying the blocks it is necessary to use a grid so as not to fall through the holes in the solution.It is possible and without a grid, if the consistency of the melting solution, but it turns out a big expense solution.

to fit, (reduction units), he gained saw Makita, which does its work.In addition prirezki blocks was difficult to put on the right height doors and windows, and everything else - a real pleasure.

Recently, builders headed by Mazaika set a record 5 cubic meters.This is possible if: a bricklayer puts one worker prepares the solution, and the other blocks and submits it without windows and corners.

The notion
to install the mount in keramobloke (hollow inside), it poured into the cement - sand mortar.

Where established slaughtered blocks, and there are large gaps, they are filled with a solution of the edges and the middle polyurethane foam with professional gun.

So, gaining experience, slowly, Mazaika with the workers raised the walls of his house.

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