How to communicate with the builders?

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02 June 2016

Selection of a contractor to build a house - not an easy task.All approaches to the issue in different ways.One extensively studied "bloodlines" of construction companies to reduce concerns about the construction site for the signing of the contract.Others rely on the recommendations of friends who have to take a certified foreman (foreman, the owner of a small construction company).Others are willing to stand alone building, armed with popular books, practical advice gleaned on the Internet and attracting to perform different types of work specialists of all levels and profiles - of migrant workers to the consultant overseeing the installation of engineering equipment.And the army of the third most steadily growing.And not because of the crisis, and not for reasons of economy (eventually building a permanent alterations can get more expensive than in the other two cases).Just do not translated into our area with drive who want to say, "This is the house that I have built!»

Everywhere has its pluses a

nd minuses.This does not mean that the first version of the house will be held, while the second and third - do not.But in any situation, future homeowners will have to enter into a business relationship or a "customer-contractor ', or labor" master worker. "

big ship - great diving

Many believe that the large building organizations do not waste your time on trifles.This is partly true.Large organizations are simply more profitable to deal with objects where there is a scope and scale.Because then much easier to monitor the progress and quality of work, solve problems with supplies and personnel, to invest in the production of house-building, and an expensive equipment for the independent production of materials.A year ago, such companies in that whatever was sought to conclude agreements on major contracts, such as construction of model projects cottage settlements.

Today, it is rather a theory of everything: new, mildly challenging, economic environment, even organizations that have succeeded in complex building cottage communities, forced to significantly expand the geography of supply and range of construction services.Homebuilding companies, which previously declared that only work with institutional customers, today announced that they are ready to fulfill any "whims" of private traders, who dreams of one and only home.Although manufacturers 'karkasnikov' houses from profiled timber and foam tend to the individual project and was still under the waste practice solutions.

This good - as a rule, the quality of work in these firms at a decent level.On the other hand, construction costs in the case above, because everything else has to keep the staff office staff (accountants, surveyors, designers, engineers and technical workers, and so on. D.), Which causes certain inertia structure.This is a minus.Any adjustments to the project and construction, change of estimates - everything is agreed for much longer.Instead, competent engineering and technical add-to a certain extent warrants surprises or structural alterations.And this is a big plus.In addition, these companies always work under the contracts, which means that the customer has to ask someone.

If you have a problem building your own home is only a selection of contractor, then it is useful to ask its representatives show ready "branded" items.Do not interfere, and a chat with the owner happy.The choice of construction technology related to the choice of the construction company.If a company, for example, specializes in the construction of timber houses, and you're a fan "karkasnikov" Be prepared for the fact that the builder can go to meet you (in a crisis all are surprisingly accommodating).But better still contact the company succeeded precisely frame construction.After all, in any technology there are many nuances that are learned only through experience.Perhaps before you to offer you a "sandwich" panels with optimum thermal properties and a robust quality antiseptic, experts have tried and rejected a lot of options.

supervisor Ivanovich - meet friends

Most contractors are selected, referring friends.Here it is necessary to evaluate themselves friends.Sometimes you do not strongly recommend anyone who works well, and their relatives or acquaintances builders (and friends "for life", not experience).The best contractor will be the one whose fruits of creativity show your friend on your own site, accompanied by a recommendation like, "Here, I Ivanovich house built three years ago, four months.And all the neighbors built.So far, no problems ... "Although the quality of the construction workers can vary from season to season, and not always for the better.

usually on hand at such a skilled foreman "local" quickly "to resolve" issues of construction, real USSR team of representatives of the once fraternal republics.And in the "team" is a continuous rotation of personnel: one earned, and returned home, others have come and they have to teach.

ready, that regardless of whether your contractor is designed as an individual entrepreneur, whether an office, if he is willing to purchase materials or tends to assign this part of the work for you, ask him for the quality will not be easy.Most often, the "company", the leading three-four sites per year, no office, no accounting, negotiations are conducted with the director right on your site, the estimate is made on the knee and then sent to you in the form of small plates ekselevskoy.Let you not be fooled by the fact that the head of the company come to your gardening to "Mercy" or "Lexus".For active stroitelya- "Zagorodnikov" used cars business class - a kind of uniform.

These contractors are ready to build it anywhere without the project and serious engineering surveys show loyalty in matters of prices.However, in practice, at the end of the construction cost estimates increased considerably, because, as you explained, "you have saved on the bunk, buying nekonditsiyu decided to finish (roof, walls, and so on. N.) Is made of a different material, but it is considerably morecomplicated (and expensive) work. "By hiring a contractor without the project and budget, the customer is insured against the risk of additional work and costs.Moreover, it needs constant monitoring for quality with such workers can be asked only on the fact - found in the course of construction defects.We have already described in the journal typical situation: just turned away, and the workers "forgot" to put in a cell frame insulation (material "Warm walls of frame houses", "LP» № 1, 2009, Permanent address http: // / articles / 2565).And because many summer deficiencies will only be felt by the next heating season.And who, then, to make a complaint?At best, the superintendent recommend to friends Ivanovitch find time to call you to visit, and promised to fix it.By the way, in our area many Ivanovich, are building really good houses, houses from calibrated logs and lumber, foam frame house ... However, where much depends on the human factor - not their strong point.

In case of disagreement with the superintendent Ivanovitch options provided under the contract entitled "Contract of domestic contract for repair and construction works."It with the necessary degree of detail prescribed all the possible options for the development of building developments, the conditions (causes) increase in the cost of works negotiated "terms of the replacement of poor quality materials in a time-bound" even defined the concept of "building materials", "quality of building materials."Installed as the procedure for settlement with the contractor of the advance payments to the act of acceptance and taking into account the elimination of all identified deficiencies.And so much more - it's your money and your house have the right!

thing to remember when dealing with the superintendent Ivanovitch: money to the contractor should be issued strictly on receipt, in which, in addition to his passport data should indicate how much money and for what they received.Sometimes after work to the customer looks worker who Ivanovich "forgot" to pay, and requires calculation.For the Court, of course, such a receipt is not an argument, but it allows you to send destructive energy "offended" by an employee address.

not tempt.If the problem Ivanovich the procurement of construction materials, methodically require a receipt for each acquisition of a nail.It will be offended - explain that it is necessary for the bank, where you take a loan for the appraiser, as a guarantee for the material and so on. N. If you all kind showing indifference to the "materiel", be aware that even the most conscientious contractor can not standthe temptation to throw a couple of bags of cement or a cubic meter of your board to another object.

«Nasyalnika what swearing?»

no secret that cheap, undemanding in terms of queries and working conditions, and most importantly, able to all ("you only show as the chief") workforce - is migrant workers.Their services do not disdain even the largest contractors that require something like "round roll", "flat drag" and "granular" transported from point A to point B. All the dirty work, such as: excavation for foundations, shaftunnecessary trees in the area, uprooting stumps, draining marshy coastline - has long been carried out newcomers.And manages content on the site natsbrigady wagons are much cheaper than ordering from a local machinery Avtotransportnik.

And among the guest workers are also some workers with higher (perhaps more "Soviet") and the formation of a responsible approach to business.Many homeowners today have the most fond memories of good faith and do not have bad habits carpenters from Western Ukraine.There Uzbeks - skilled masons and perfectly mastered the finishing Venetian plaster.Contracting firm for the quality of the work team asks not to "leader", and appoints the head of construction or of a superior object, which, in turn, is responsible to a qualified civil engineer or chief of the project development company.And he - to the customer.

But as soon as the demand for such contractors have even construction companies, not to mention the private traders, who trust in the All-Union sincerely love small nations to "Big Brother", but at the same time at substantial savings.However, good workers - in short supply, and their afternoon with fire not find.In the "free flight", as a rule, those that arrived in Russia without the necessary knowledge and experience with the intention for the season "cut down" money - and back to the solar home.Most often, they do not care, what to do: to gnaw granite homebuilding science to comprehend the depth of Cambrian clay, lay tile in the bathroom of a city apartment or a bomb to the "penny" in the hour of the night - just to pay.Reliability is certainly a plus, but the reverse side of it are numerous disadvantages: lack of qualifications, translation difficulties, coupled with the eternal trickster Asian (nod "yes" and make their own way).The money saved wrapped alterations, the time spent on checking and surveillance, nerves.So, to save themselves justified, experienced customers with the experience ethnopsychology-advised practice: first of all, do not trust.All control himself, and better to come to the site at once, suddenly, without warning, so that migrant workers had the feeling that all-seeing eye "big brother" is watching him vigilantly.

As a rule, to communicate with the client in a brigade of migrant workers is a man, not bad understand in Russian ("bad" - to the right moment to pretend not to understand).Sometimes, representative of the "workforce" is Russian.This "promoter" is engaged in the primary hiring workers upon arrival in Russia, and employs legalize them.This option is for the customer teams a certain risk.Firstly, the Russian mediator between the customer and guest workers - is always a time bomb.For them it is a stranger.Secondly, the foreman, "local" can turn into a parasitic one, which only gets its share and rarely appears in the work area.And thirdly, the national team at some point feel experienced enough not to obey a stranger - and here's a ripe interethnic conflict.However, if you still have hired a team, do not take the trouble to make secure and to conclude a written contract with compatriot.Most teams across multiple ethnic passionaries, forming a kind of council of elders.They represent a danger for the law of physics: the great mass of ethnic passionaries invariably turn into a critical mass.

Anyway, universal prescription behavior to avoid problems with contractors, no.We can only minimize the risk of not getting the result of losing money.To do this, just observe the holy rule: the customer only pays for the work done.The best incentive for quality work of the contractor - the promised money.

The same is said and Andrei Molotkov, director general of "PulEkspress Invest" (group of companies PullExpress), who trusts the relationship with contractors subsidiarity his boss portion or the employee supervising the specific direction of development: "As a rule, or a senior foreman of guest workersyour, local.Above it put our foreman, but he that has an assistant, backup control.With them, we ask.Often in our region come to get a job from Pskov Brigade - with them it makes sense to sign any agreements.As for the national teams, of course, no contracts with, say, a group of Tajiks or Uzbeks no signs.We provide legal immigrants stay in Russia, they have the appropriate documents.And while the cases that require extraordinary measures penalties for improper quality of work, was not.It is necessary to alter - rework.They do not know something - teach.Some national teams of contractors well proven, and we translate them from site to site - for example, we have a team of masons Uzbek professionals.However, other Russian contractors is such mess things up that business with them trying not to be.Payments shall be made only upon the work performed.Money does not usually give, if only for food and other expenses.Most simply provide contractors with everything necessary for life. "

problems relationships with Dzhamshudov:

attracted the neighbors to the east, clearly labeled front of work.If you are uncertain gesture obrisuete glade, which should be cleaned of dead wood, stumps and debris, be prepared for the fact that they eagerly take on the job, make a small area and then say: "Master, it is necessary to add ..." Or, stones and debriswill be removed and leave the stumps ("Do not agree!").To avoid wasting money, it is better to split the territory into squares (about Sotk-two), marking the boundaries of each rope and pegs.Before cleaning each should be clearly explained senior (to whom usually agree on the price), what result you want.That is, specify the location where they should be stacked large trunks, stumps, stones, dead wood;mark a piece of rope trees that should remain in the treated area after work.If you come down in price, do not worry: everything will be done accurately and on time.Depending on the complexity of processing "east excavator" one hundred of land in the last year has cost 2000 rubles.(Cleaning of dead wood, bushes, uprooting the stumps of two or three) and 6000 (large stumps, demolition debris, the movement of large earth masses).

should be borne in mind that the Administrative Code provides for severe penalties for those who violate immigration laws.In particular, for providing illegal immigrants trading, warehouse and other premises the landlord will have to pay into the treasury from 45 to 800 thousand. Rub.Major construction organizations to easily address this issue.But if you're kindness sheltered in s quarters of workers from neighboring countries, who "did not have time" to obtain registration and work permit in the Russian Federation, with the participation of your neighbors may have serious problems with the police and immigration services.