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01 June 2016
How did Mazaika jumpers over the windows and doors

Gradually build a house goes on, and it's time to make the first bridge over the window in the garage.The width of the small U-shaped blocks for the jumpers is the usual brick.For the borrowing units Alexei built above the walls that stand 3 mm.This is done in order to put under extreme U-shaped blocks solution.

Before filling jumpers inside the unit of the first row, he put three valves with a diameter of 12 mm.After laying the first row of blocks (from the street), he isolated it from the rest of the layer of expanded polystyrene series jumpers.The remaining rows of jumpers also reinforced.Prepared design before pouring the concrete pour water (for the mobility of poured concrete and effective vibration with a rubber hammer).As for the concrete pouring jumper he used a solution composed of two buckets of sand, buckets of cement and two small buckets schebёnki.After pouring the concrete bridge ukryl polyethylene, and concrete poured 2
-3 times per day.

jumper over the doorway of the large U-shaped blocks

Manufacturing jumper above the entrance to the garage:

To fill jumper he used his solution preparation.It includes: 2 buckets of cement, 3 buckets of sand, shallow schebёnki 5 buckets and 150 grams of the additive Lingopan 3B for plasticity and accelerate the hardening, and 1.2-1.5 buckets of water.

During stacking blocks he uses: to reduce the reinforcing mesh layer solution, foam and assembly foam to eliminate possible cold bridges.

Although not directly, but by an expert team of builders joined laying ceramic blocks, the work went faster.

penultimate made two jumpers over the windows.Since the arch rests floor 2nd floor through Laying nets, we decided to strengthen the place powerful jumper.Welded frame welding.

Finally the builders finished construction of all load-bearing walls (internal and external) with the exception of the place where the ladder is.

Construction ladder from the garage into the house

Due to the fact that the draft does not have all sizes, but have images turned so that three stages for this small enough ladders or height should be 20 cm. Mazaika decided to increasethe number of stages and even added a forward with the rotation from the garage to the stairs.And though the door opens into the house, he believes that the site should provide space for one person in front of the house.As a result, he decided to make a 4-speed height 14.5 cm. And to fill the stairs he brought schebёnku high quality and fresh river sand.

During the construction of the stairs, he noticed jamb builders.They are not paved waterproofing between the foundation and the base of the stairs, which it relies.To make the waterproofing stairs Mazaika added in the first batches of concrete hydrophobic composition, which he used when casting the cellar.

To make the plastic concrete and good pour ladder he added to a solution of plasticizer Lignopan 3B.Concrete becomes a liquid at 2 buckets of cement and a bucket of water.This is one feature.In order to become a plastic concrete he needs to stand for 30 minutes.And to reduce the time necessary to dissolve the additive in hot water.

How to make concrete with additives

Firstly, the water that is taken from the cold well, so it is necessary to obtain in advance, so that it is hot.

Secondly, for rapid mixing additives into the mixer first need to pour water, then fill schebёnku plasticizer.After 5-10 to fill all cement mixers.When the composition becomes liquid, fill sand.For the preparation of fine consistency in the end water is added slowly.

Thus, the entire staircase was perfectly cast - concrete with the addition of the plasticizer without any cracks.
Construction Carrier of the ladder over.

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