Create pillars TISE

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01 June 2016
drilling holes for pillars

to create a foundation for technology TISE must first acquire the appropriate drill.Then start drilling the ground and constantly monitor the process, slightly tilting the drill.

finished drilling to the desired depth, lower the blade, which extends from the base of the hole, and slowly continue to rotate the drill without pressure.Cutting off the desired layer need to pull the rope and he hits the drill, which is taken out and cleaned from earth.This procedure is continued until the expansion is not made at the bottom of the wells.

Instead rope for lowering and raising the blade is easier to use the wire.During drilling, be sure to pour water into the hole.

During the cylindrical portion of the drill provides vertical well drilling.This tolerance is 3 cm. 1 meter depth.Small stones falls during drilling, are removed, and a healthy split scrap.

Formwork for pillar TISE

for manufacturing formwork pillars TISE need to take a tin tube the size of the h
ole, wrap in 2 layers of roofing material around the pipe, put in the hole and align the plumb line.Then you need to stick fittings and pour mixture mixes.After pouring the concrete need provibrirovat concrete.During vibration tin tube is pulled slowly.Then it remains filled with sawdust drenched pile, pour water, shelter bag and stand up to 3 weeks.

for pouring the foundation piles TISE used this composition: a bucket of cement three buckets of sand and a quantity of water to form the desired consistency.

often a few hours after drilling holes in the bottom of water accumulates.From it you can get rid of a number of ways.This will help: mud pump, bank nailed to a stick, and a sponge attached to a stick.During the drying sponge it should be periodically washed with clean water (it is silting)

It should be noted that the automatic drills is not the most convenient way for drilling.It is better to use a special drill for the foundation TISE because it can be used to make the expansion of the base of the wells which prevents sag under the weight of the foundation at home or push him out of the ground forces of frost heave.

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