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01 June 2016
sequence fills intermediate floors

Before you start to fill in intermediate floors Mazaika was looking for the optimal solution.The problem was that there were many options for solving the problem, but it was necessary to choose one.

to select the correct version needed to:
  • prioritize casting slabs based on the technological amenities - installation of formwork and reinforcement.
  • determine the optimal filling in the use of consumables.
  • Consider the importance of using space in the building.The garage can be stacked bags of plaster and cement.The rain cook metal constructions, etc.
  • conduct the installation and distribution of power and other communications based on the sequence of construction.
  • Consider the volume being brought concrete cubes 5-6, for its 100% use.
So he ordered the shuttering of 36 sq.m.based on the possibility to bring the mixer again for 5-6 cubic meters of concrete.One went to fill the garage, another in the room, and the third team - kitchen, boiler room porch.If it wa
s done in a different sequence value would fill more.

Installation of formwork and reinforcement and pouring the concrete slab garage

Initially, workers made formwork for the garage.This is the largest area in the house floor is poured.To work went quickly, took advantage of staples for mating fittings size of 6-12 mm.Prepared capacity to deliver concrete crane top Size 0.4 cube.We spent all the electrical wires to the garage - powered lamps to drive the gate and outlets.

Concrete production with its additives

Concrete, which made at the plant, did not suit Mazaika.He wanted to negotiate with the authorities, to the concrete plasticizer not put a factory and put it, but the heads of the plant refused his request.

Then he decided to arrange an informal and went to the artists.Instead factory SP-3, put Lignopan B3 of 15 kg.5.5 cubic meters of concrete.

the morning he was at the factory with "their" truck mixer.Quickly take concrete has happened, he is ready only one cube.First decide poured water less.Instead of 180 liters per cubic meters of cement grade 350, filled 160 liters per 430 kg of cement.Along with the water and stir the fifth of the cement industry.After mixing, he decided to see the consistency of concrete - it is too thick.Fearing that he might be stuck at the exit of the mixer or blender, he added another 20 liters of water.

When they arrived at the construction site - the concrete has become thinner.But after the first filing bucket decided more diluted, and added 10 liters of water and then the concrete was easier to vibrate and dub.

With mixer on construction crane arrived, with it began to fill the garage ceiling.After 2 hours, the overlap was ready.

Other works

Bought fireplace chimneys German company "Shidel" which they specialize.He acquired system "UNI", - a one-way channel vetilyatsionnym.Channel ventilation, he decided to use it for in the heating pipes and electrical cable on the second floor attic.We brought another batch of lumber.

Fill overlap "day room" area of ​​29 sq.m.

Prepare concrete with its plasticizer it went without a hitch.His pre-packaged in merochkam.Aunt Valya did everything without a hitch.With the crane was a small hitch, but replace it quickly sewed.

To overcome the force majeure that may arise before the forthcoming serious work, do not be lazy and to enlist the support just in case, and a phone number: drivers, crane operators and other relevant experts to you.

When workers began to fill the overlap - it started to rain.For safety Mazaika hidden outlet for Oscillator under the cover of the cardboard box.So I sat to shock, do not hit on and off the vibrator.

This problem does not run out, cut off bolts to the base of the vibrator.And while thinking how to repair concrete vibrated blows on the bottom formwork board.Out of the rain, and found bolts for mounting the vibrator, which are welded, screwed vibrator and continue.

Thanks to good preparation before pouring the slab, (wiring diagram was drawn wire) all the electrical wires have been laid correctly and accurately without too much hassle.Do not forget to make a chandelier hook, welded to the frame for fixing Laying nets mortgages the future verandas.

for reassurance he took the cube instead of 5.5 - 6 cubes.As a result, it left 0.5 cube value of 1 500 rubles, which had to be thrown.Moral - before buying consult the bucket with their calculations.

to fill the room overlap spent 2:00.Cost of concrete was - 2 200 rub., For the operation of the crane he paid - 3 000 rubles.

Fill the boiler room and kitchen floors

During filling the boiler room and the kitchen did not have concrete - about 1.2 cube.Perhaps it was stolen, because before pouring it always did the calculations, and all the same, but now is not enough.As a result of a lack of concrete had to spend an additional 8100 rubles

Despite the fact that it is separately molded ceilings, but with the help of the release valve and welding skeletons of slabs he turned monolithic floor of the house.He also serves as stabilization and strengthening of the whole structure of the house.As a result, all based on the overlap of 25 cm ceramic blocks through a cast monolithic slab 25x25 cm.

for laying ceramic blocks perfectly cement plaster on the basis of perlite.This plastic plaster, ceramic blocks which sit well and right.To this must be added 1 kg.cement mixture in the bag - 15 kg.
blocks laid on a cement-sand mortar, stand rigidly.

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