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01 June 2016
Member Forum "Home and Cottage» J.Soros living in Kazakhstan.In the spring he bought the land 24 hundred square meters in size 60x40 meters.During the discussion of the project chose the classic version of the house 10x12 meters.

In this area there are 8 building plots.J.Soros started to build one of the first, so the range of virgin land.The workers go to work by bus, which passes nearby.Power generator J.Soros carries himself on the machine brings the morning and in the evening takes.The bulk of the tool remains at the neighbor.


As usual, the team was recruited.Working before the construction of the house decided to align the piece of land on which it is built.The land in those places as hard as concrete, but they coped and started digging a trench under the strip foundations.

Disengage the trench to the desired depth of sand and poured schebёnku 20 cm. Collected from the carcass reinforcement and made formwork for the foundation of the future house.

Having prepared everything for pouring concrete, J.Soros ordered a mixer and filled with concrete foundation.After pouring the concrete, covered it and left for 7 days to gain a fortress.The width of the flooded basement sostavila50 cm. At a depth of 70cm.and another 20 cm. cushion schebёnki.

Building walls

walls, it was decided to put the size of the foam 30h20h60 brand D 800 solution.At the same time he constantly has to make sure that the thickness of the weld does not exceed 1 cm. The thickness of the masonry exterior walls is 30 cm and the inner 20 cm., Dressing rasp.After every 3 rows of blocks stacked metal mesh.

At this rate, within 7 working days raised the walls to a height of 2.75 cm from the foundation.From corners 73 and 45 mm.made jumper.On the walls were delivered about 43 cu / m foam or 1200 units.On the solution it took 5 tonnes of sand and 34 bags of cement.

finished raising the walls they have started laying mauerlat of timber 100x100 mm.It attached to the walls with anchors 6 pieces on the wall.Of timber 200x100 mm ceiling started to do.Spans from one wall to another is no more than 4 meters.Step install beams 75cm.Bruce is put on mauerlat overlap and hammered 200 nails.

That completed harness ceiling beams.All work with wood beams were used 22 mm size 200h100h600.or 2.64 cube timber.


After the ceiling started construction of the roof.First we put podkonkovy run, and already it began to attach rafters at a distance of 80 cm from each other.Backup rafter rests on the lower run.Rafters sheathed crate.On the rafters went 40 boards and 6 meters and 300 meters on the crate.

As he gained roofing trapezoidal sheet thickness of 0.7 mm wave length of 6 meters.According to the calculations needed about 30 sheets, after installing this calculation proved to be true.

At the beginning of laying trapezoidal sheet he was arguing with the builders how to attach it.They believed that it must be secured to the top of the wave, and J.Soros convinced them to strengthen the lower tide, because the screw has a rubber gasket.They agreed with him, and the roof was covered with trapezoidal sheet without delay.

Facing brick house

some time after the end of the roof had to rest until he brought up facing brick.

According to estimates for facing need to buy 4000 bricks to impose a quarter-brick house.But the season had to buy KAMAZ is about 5600 pieces.When he was brought in J.Soros was a shock.About 50% of the brick will meet the standard.About 7% was frank fight, and the rest of the bricks looked sad.

In this regard, it was instructed to work to put the best brick to prominence.Good thing it was bought to stock.So quietly building was bricked.Pediments were made.

After facing house window openings were lower than planned.It seemed the right thing thought out, but the windows were in 125h108 see a result too small.J.Soros was looking for a company to install windows with years of experience, but during the installation of "experts" have done their work badly and he did not sign the act of acceptance until the deficiencies.

House decoration

Began stucco buildings, two days mastered 21 m2 it went 4 bags of cement and the floor of the tank water.I ordered the doors to the Chinese, so they brought not ordered that, but similar.According J.Soros they always mow under the fools.

roof insulation

Here are the builders and began warming the roof.To do this, we bought "Isover" 10 cm thick vapor barrier film Strotex.Isover need 20 rolls, Strotex 2 rolls.Cut to the desired size Isover need to roll until he, and in some places it is necessary to put the pieces.Work is performed in a checkerboard pattern to close the gap junctions.

started to lay flooring in the house of birch plywood 22 mm to 120 mm on the joists, and the floors around the perimeter insulated Isover 5 cm. Closing the foundation.On the wiring of electrical wires it took only two days.After installing the wires, he made a detailed plan layout that after finishing to know where a wire is routed.Then I connect elektrokotёl 2 kW heat the battery which is good.The boiler is controlled by a temperature sensor.If you flood the home fireplace or stove heating is automatically switched off.
He then proceeded to the installation of HA designs.Inside used as insulation Isover 5 cm .. To Isover wall anchor fastened with nails 120 mm.with tin hats on top of the GC and crepe giposkarton.

Unfortunately because of the crisis, he was unable to finish the house and sell it.

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