Building a house from gas silicate blocks

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01 June 2016
The house

Downstairs Maxim Ban plans to: kitchen, living room, dining room with access to the veranda 3x6 sizes which will be built later, a bedroom for the parents, as well as a toilet, shower and boiler.

On the second floor must fit: billiard room, cinema room and two bedrooms.


summer 2008 holiday party forum Maxim Ban planned to build a house.Without thinking I dug a trench of 6x9 meters and a width of 400 mm.set of shuttering boards that collect on the screws.As a cushion under the foundation made of sand podsypku 250 mm.Then I set the mixer valve and poured reinforced concrete foundation melkozaglublenny belt height of 650 mm.

In spring 2009, the inside of the casing (where to build a house) chose the soil to a depth of 300 mm from the top of the foundation and began the construction of the plinth of concrete blocks the size - 380-190-190 3 series.These units have a very high density.In the second row, he did produhi 200x200 mm.

After the cap it is time to build
the wall.Maxim Ban decided to build a house made of silicate blocks, which cost per cubic meter of - 2 650 rubles.When the required amount of 40 cubic metershe ordered a truck with 44 cubic metersblocks.Order issued quickly, without delay, make a discount for the fact that he is a visitor forum "Home and Cottage" unobtrusively offered additional services.

While preparing the blocks, he bought lumber, glue, cement, rebar.I was looking for workers for the construction of their home from silicate blocks.I purchased 6.5 cubic meters of forest, 500 kg of cement, glue a ton of masonry blocks and 200 kg of reinforcement.All materials are purchased in Moscow.

To unload silicate blocks found in the county crane without numbers.In short tap Chalki, and the blocks one by one does not pull out only once 3. Because of this, the top row of blocks on pallets something where pricked


on the plinth of concrete blocks, he laid two layers of waterproofing, laid the beams,processed and ognebiozaschitoy obvёrnutye glassine and began laying the first blocks on a solution for leveling.

in the first row are laid out in two blocks of 150 mm, and the second row of the standard 300 mm.In places under the door and window openings and grooves he made them paved valve with stops at 500 mm to the side of the aperture (on the recommendation of the manufacturer's units).

After two rows stacked on a solution to align it became to put gas silicate blocks on glue.

Laying nets first floor

finished construction of the first floor of the Pan Maxim started preparing formwork under Laying nets.For this, he bought a 100 mm.blocks set of windows and doors board width 300 mm, they are placed on the edge of the blocks 100 mm.It turns trough size 100h250 mm.Laying nets for the device.Thus stacked 100 mm.bricks around the perimeter of the building, into the chute fit fittings and poured concrete.Laying nets ready and together with it and jumpers over the windows and doors.

Laying nets first floor the first row of blocks on the second floor

To cover the first floor wooden beams laid on the waterproof gasket and Laying nets first floor.After consolidating concrete Laying nets, wooden boards with supports are removed.

wall thickness of 300 mm.Maxim Ban says saving money.Increasing the thickness of the walls 375 or 400 mm.leads to increased cost for 25-33% as to the material and the masonry.A wall of 300 mm can be put Laying nets, baplki second floor, etc.And in the future when there will be money you can make warming.

second floor

first row of blocks on the second floor were set as described above in the scheme.Then the work went on as usual - the blocks put on the glue, and soon the second floor along with the Laying nets ready.

the same way as on the first floor, filled Laying nets on the second floor, but more to the reinforcement fixed curved L - shaped studs mauerlat

When building a wall, for cutting and trimming blocks, workers used a saw.The teeth have tipped her with pobeditovymi.It costs about 800 rubles.Better to take genuine.The slots for the installation of valves in gas-silicate block sawn grinder with stone disk.It made two parallel cutting, and then a wide chisel is deepening.

According to Maxim Ban house built of silicate blocks Laying nets suitable for permanent residence.Concerns arise after laying, when he was still damp and dry out when the blocks is very durable material.Blocks beautifully kept hammering nails hammered and twisted screws without dowels from the first screwdriver.And with the dowel will be a very good anchorage.

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