The construction of the roof in the Tula region

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01 June 2016
economic reasons (insulation is expensive) roof Maxim Ban decided to do hipped, not insulated and cover it with metal tile.It will be cold, so the ceiling of the second floor it is insulated.

Maxim Ban decided that if in the future he would need to increase the living space in the house, it can insulate the roof and attic to make

to continue the construction and erection of the roof Maxim Ban ordered the machine for sawn floor beams on the second floor, sub-floor and second-floor trusssystem.For unloading of building materials took loaders.

Later, he had introduced the gutter system, soffits, roof system with membranes.All material is ordered at the company.Firstly, it is convenient to buy in one place, and second, it is cheaper.At the market he bought only screws and seal for the MCH to skate, it is cheaper and wider and better quality.

After delivery of materials was invited to the team that started the construction of the roof.The work goes without delay.Ready truss system and is working on cr
ate and packing of the membrane.

for filing eaves Maxim Ban ordered the Canadian spotlight, J-bevel, and J-profile for wall mounting.Spotlights Holzplast white, its length is 227 rubles 3,66x0,23m.a piece.And F-profile piece 3,66m.238 rubles.a piece.You can cut across.It connects the corners of the roof H-profile.


soffits - represent a panel made of metal and vinyl.Very similar to the battens.They are intended for filing eaves.As a rule, 99% of the hem eaves of houses.

Binder eaves can be made of:
  • aluminum soffits;
  • vinyl soffits;
  • soffity of other metals (copper, steel);
  • wooden bunks.
soffits made of vinyl or metal is much more profitable than lining.And first of all because of the greater durability and resistance to moisture.They do not change the shape and color for many years.

They produce three types:
  • solid - without perforation;
  • Perforated - perforation in three bands;
  • Punched in the center - the perforation of the central strip.

estimates construction of the house of silicate blocks

  • Home was made weakly deepened Ribbon Foundation.For all the work - from digging trenches before pouring concrete, paid - 30,000 rubles .;
  • Bought factory concrete - 8 cubic meters cost the delivery of 42 000 rubles .;
  • Formwork acquired cube board.Cost together with delivery - 6900 rubles;
  • sand KamAZ - 3000 rubles .;
  • fittings for the house - 6000 rubles .;
  • silicate blocks 44 cube.The cost of the cube - 2650 rubles.per m / 3
  • crane for unloading - 3000 rubles .;
  • Glue for blocks 40 sacks.160 rubles.per bag, 2 bags of cement and saw - 800 rub .;
  • concrete cube 2 - 10 000 rubles., Fittings - 4000 rubles.The cost of the work for Laying nets, beams and walls - 80 thousand rubles.
  • scaffolding boards - 2 cubes
  • KamAZ with lumber: timber for beams, planks, fittings, adhesives, cement - 10,000 rubles.trailers - 3000 rubles .;
  • Clutter, buckets, trowels ognebiozaschita for beams - 2 000 rub .;
  • Roofing, insulation on the second floor, truss construction, drainage system - 800-900 rub.m / 2.The size of the roof 100 m / 2.
  • soffits - 20,000 rubles;
  • Vodostochka - 25 thousand rubles .;
  • Five Cubes woods - 25000 rub .;
  • Metal - 120 000 rub .;
  • PVC - 150 000 rubles.

with a team of roofers Maxim Ban unlucky.I got a chatterbox and a drunkard.I could only make truss system.A shingles or soffit with drainage system could not, therefore, took the money for the work done and gone.

In the new season for the finishing touch of drainage system and spotlights Maxim Ban decided to find another team.

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