Pergola, or rest in the shade of vines

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01 June 2016
First of all, 2Matilda wanted to make the space, closed on one side, but that there was free.Having thought pergolas size and location of the area, she bought materials and builders invited.

Construction of pergolas, that is all that was required to do by means of brute force, performed hands of migrant workers, who have always something to build on country sites.A polished pillars themselves, not trusting their builders.

the outset of the project workers have dug into the ground to a depth of one meter thick 150h100 seven pillars and 150x150 mm.Before you dig, they were treated with a special mastic and waterproofing obvernuli, placed in a pit and poured concrete.Poles placed at a distance of 3 meters from each other.For greater reliability poles reinforced with iron corners.

To make the upper part of the pergola to the posts at the corners of the consolidated horizontal bars having a size 150h100 mm.And on top of an empty board (such as the rafters) every 40 cm. The size of 150h50 mm.

then proceed to the construction of the wall - a lattice on which the plants need to be twisted.Grid 2Matilda did itself, because the workers could only do a tough job, and nothing could be done carefully.

grille does so

One series of rails attached with screws directly to the base of the structure, and so parallel to each other for the rest of the wall.The second row of strips attached perpendicular to the first.Also it fixed throughout the structure, but before tightening screws puts trim slats to build thickness.At the intersection of rails 2Matilda fastening them short screws from the inside part and the part on the front side.

After installing the grates put her girlish grapes that grow on the estimates for the next season and give a pleasant coolness during the rest of the pergola.And for a pleasant stay in the shade of grape 2Matilda made bench.

More in the course of construction between two pillars made fence and arranged in a semicircle.So he stayed, hammered pieces of pipe in the ground, and they inserted the pegs from cuttings shovels purchased in the store.The fence was made of thick, long rods to length enough from the first to the last peg.And so it was beautiful and harmonious, it began to weave a thick end, with thin.To fence does not fall apart all the edges and the top rod fastened with screws so that they are virtually invisible.

In the country lay on the metal frame of the table.It put the two plastic sill, each 35 cm wide.And thus get a table.Along the way, from the remnants of the boards, it has built a nice bar.

By the end of construction put another pole and connect it to the bar pergola.The beam used to exercise.

the fence she put a temporary BBQ, and in the future it is planned to put a stone.Between the pillars under the apple tree in the summer hanging hammock.

ground floor is left, that is, the grass circle.Perhaps in the future it will be laid tiles.

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