Construction of houses from profiled bars in autumn

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01 June 2016
to build a house from profiled timber size 195h195, and a total area of ​​200 sq. / M was hired by the team.They were placed in s quarters.It has electricity.Water provides the neighbors.While builders settle in, they have built an extension for storage of tools and building materials.


create the conditions for life, work, do not delay, do the foundation.The soil in the area is sandy, we can say lucky, because even after a shower the water does not stay long, and is absorbed into the ground.Workers digging a trench along the way prepared skeletons of fixtures.

To erect formwork was purchased 40h150 board with plans to use it in the future as the forest.From it are prepared shields, which "sewn" asphalt.While there is a preparation for pouring the foundation, the weather is great.

Meanwhile, bring building materials, for example - 100h200 mm beam that goes to the beam.Brought timber immediately treated with antiseptic Bochemit Forte.

almost finished formwork for the foundati
on.Its made of panels, which are mounted on racks 3-4 driven into the ground with a sledgehammer.At the top of wooden sticks and wire 4.5mm in diameter, made formwork begun to lay the pipe fittings and ventilation, there are about 22 pieces.And on Thursday, the foundation plans to perm.Its amount will be 32 cubic meters / m.After pouring the foundation excavated soil - 90% of the sand falling asleep again into the basement.

And then came the day of pouring the foundation.Beginning at 10:00 am and ended at 19-00.Some worried that the form panels will not stand, but they do not deviate from the vertical, even a centimeter.As usual, the construction site is not able to take some concrete cube.

During pouring spoiled vibrator firm TCC at 800 watts., And it is the third in a row foundation, where it was used.At the end of pouring rain went fine.The foundation covered film.

After pouring the foundation to him gently removed the formwork, released from glassine and piled in stacks.Now we have to wait until the concrete strength of the pick up.Will have to wait three weeks.

time to build a house from a bar was not chosen the most comfortable, so did the canopy storage timber, closed on all sides.In it can fit about 20 m / 3 shaped timber.In addition to storing it in the preservation of timber can be made without regard to the weather.

Delivery of timber

unexpectedly offered his lumber suppliers to start ahead of schedule, on what had been agreed.Urgent was bought antisptik Tikkurila Vultee Pohyuste.But first crown will necessarily processed Bohemitom Forte brown.He's good at covering open garden buildings, decks, etc.

When they brought the first batch of timber 22 m / 3, it started to rain, but this time it was ready to cover for the timber.

the same day, brought up an antiseptic, and working after the break started the treatment beam.After processing timber
Vultee Pohyustoy, builders have started laying the first wreath.In timber handling volume of 22 m / 2 it spent 56 liters Vultee Pohyusta.

Do sill of the board, as is the custom, he did not want, because it, in his opinion, it makes no sense.During installation, if it is fasten screws to the foundation and eventually rotted away, then it will be very difficult to replace - it will need to cut down.

According WAB57 - important during the construction of wooden houses to provide waterproofing and protection of the crown of the tree or the first foundation from moisture and precipitation.

first crown is attached to the foundation anchors threaded rod F16, this hole is drilled under the washer and nut to the board.Pin is hammered into the drilled hole filled with liquid adhesive for the tiles, and then the nut is tightened using a pipe wrench.

brought the second batch of timber, and that it does not get wet, immediately put the shed.After inspecting the timber because of its blue marriage took more than 1 cubic meter.The second batch is also treated with antiseptic timber and set aside to make room thirds of the party, but it is not able to take on the road car broke down.

To protect lumber WAB57 bought / used banners - they are heavy and do not fly away in the wind.More Vultee Pohyusta purchased.

to connect the timber to each other along the length of it is bought dry planed board 40h95.It will be used as a key to the joints and in the end slots.For slots on the door and window openings, he bought a bar 40x50 mm.

Build log walls

finally started to assemble framework.Initially consolidated first crown anchors to the foundation.After checking on the horizontal everything was within normal limits.After installing the first wreaths build a log house went more fun.

When the walls rise to the level of the second floor, began installation of the beams of the ceiling of the first floor and started installation of forests.During installation in one of the window openings was not the end of slots, they had to be done on the ground by hand.

With timbers received and other construction materials, including dowels.Their diameter was never the same, the difference is 2 mm, therefore beforehand acquired drills of different diameters made in Germany.As a rule, dowels installed no closer than 10 cm from the edge of the framework.

Despite the rain, the work continues.Until three days raised the walls, we took two cars with good quality timbers.In exchange defective timber brought him a replacement.

Bruce wet and need to quickly put walls and make a roof.During the construction of the wall around the perimeter covered by rain, but the film covers only a pair of upper rims, and the rest are below, wet.In the heavy rain stopped the work, and after constantly having to dry rags slot insulation.

When the rain stopped, mounted the beam of the first floor, which began to make flooring and put the wood.Beams are installed on intermediate floors galvanized supports, which are designed by architects, designers with screws, nails, "grouses" wood diameter - 6, 8, 10 mm.Step beams floor slabs of 90 cm.

That covered the windows of the first floor and approached the intermediate floor joists.
For beams of the first floor was used timber 100h200 mm.Ceiling do not have, but put the board on the beam formwork for the free movement of the second floor.

When built the first floor, the house began to look a lot more.Very pleased that, despite the rain, on a bar is not blue, and it looks good.

pace of work is not falling, despite the fact that the heavy lumber.The house is placed outside the wall.Inside will be installed at the finish.Inside the house will soon put the supporting pillars.They are made of laminated veneer lumber, and will remain in the interior.

second floor

make a temporary floor on the second floor, the workers began to raise the top wall beams.During construction, we put a lot of lumber puffs on free crowns, about 60 pieces.

begin construction of the second floor.Despite the mud, the workers put timber carefully.They remove dirty shoes and work on the walls in the net.Finally walls of the house raised to ridge pole.It is time to put the roof.

truss system

Recently, it has become difficult to lumber.For the roof truss system failed to get the necessary boards, sawn timber so 100h200 mm board 50x200 mm, it was subjected to Preservative Bohemitom Forte.

truss system must settle with the walls.Ideally, the rafters do not have to move, but as uneven shrinkage occurs shifts trusses, rafters therefore increasingly attach to the last crown through a sliding connection.

Once again, looking for board size 50x200 mm and barely got them.We bought directly from the machine in the Stupino district.Purchased board a plane treated to give them the right size and covered Bochemit Forte green.

templates ready truss system layouts position trusses on the facades and verandas.Layouts need to visually identify a suitable option roof pitch, length curtain issues, etc.

to make the necessary preparatory work, raised the truss system.It is based on the latest fad and a crown.Then make crate and started laying the roof.In this case it is temporary and will be out of roofing.A basic installation of the roof, it was decided to postpone the spring.

attaching the roofing material, the upper windows dressed in a mosquito net.Lower the window boards and scored draped netting.The house has a large moisture, so try to provide maximum ventilation in the house built.We set flow.Clean the entire territory of the house and plot of debris.

And the final chord - the foreman Nikolai put a temporary door at the entrance to the house and symbolically closed the lock.

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