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01 June 2016
plot bought atomikRB resembles a trapezoid.The soil to a depth of bayonet consists of turf him talking clay.Not far from the site (150 m) is a forest.Electricity and water are available at the neighbor, no gas.

atomikRB On the site wants to build a small house with a sauna.In their dreams, eventually he wants to change it to the rest house with a pool table and a bar.

house building

Before the construction of houses on the land brought atomikRB metal garage.He hired a team from the local to the amount of three people, and began building.

First they dug a trench under the foundation of 8x4 meters, covered sand cushion 300 mm, and on top put blocks FBS 400h600h2000 mm.Then did the formwork, rebar and poured established Laying nets.From above he raised brick plinth.He was chosen because it is the concrete does not absorb moisture.Under the terrace did a solid foundation because of lack of FBS and bricks.

prepared the foundation, workers started construction of timber log.Half of the log lifted fr
om a 5-year-old beams, the second half of a year's work went without incident and master safely reached the construction of the roof.


After laying the walls of timber work seamlessly moved to the roof.Rafters put fresh wood.Crate bed of 30-ki board width of 150 mm.Attic atomikRB planned to do weatherization.But in this place I forgot to lay the waterproofing.Because of this, it decided to slip to the bottom hemming crate rafters and bars.Then, SIR, on the inner side of rafters.According to the calculations there is still 100 mm.clearance for ventilation, and the top 150 mm foam.OSB and again.

Meanwhile, workers began to sew gables board of 25 mm.overlap.The wooden parts of the roof, he handled the antiseptic "SENEZH" and covered the roof with iron.

Other works

Before laying subfloor bars fastened with screws every half meter, and they spread a board 30-ku.Made of sewer pipes with a diameter of 110 mm.and insulate them, and then graduated from the floor.The ceiling on the second floor is insulated with mineral wool.I put the doors and windows okosyachkoy as recommended.

In their spare time doing atomikRB konopatki home.

Heating saunas

heated sauna, he plans oven type "Termafor 16" CD of 8000 rubles.2004, filling and stainless steel tank at 65 liters.The firebox of the furnace is not outrigger so it had to lengthen the metal scraps, 2 mm thick.

bought the stove: stainless steel pipe 4,550 rubles, overlapping passes for 800 rubles.etc.for - 13 400 rubles.The other rooms are heated by electric tenami with thermostats.For the production of hot water will acquire water heater.


yet to be determined with a ladder he had made it a prototype of a board 50h150 a bowstring, and use cutting boards.The result was good and very convenient staircase.Operating within a few days showed that the ladder is easy to use, and then design it is done right.


Conceived at the beginning of the construction of a terrace warmed gradually transformed into a veranda.The floors and ceilings of the future it will be warmed veranda immediately, but later foam wall.

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