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01 June 2016
When s_e_s_h began to build an addition to the house, all of a sudden it became clear that the first floor of the house was first garage, and only later it was attached to the second floor and attic.Therefore, the first floor slab laid downhill to ensure that the natural draining of rainwater.The difference in height is 20 cm.

to equalize the situation, it has to do only one thing - to raise the floor slabs.It was a risky move, and many are not advised to do so because of the likelihood of destruction of concrete slabs.

The fact that one of the plates was homemade and very thin - 7 cm and on it was a stove and a second chimney on the first floor.Therefore, listening to advice, and weighing all the pros and cons s_e_s_h realized that lift this plate is not realistic and decided to dismantle the stove, and as it turned out later, have not regretted it.

furnace was built badly - whole bricks in it alternated with broken seams were of different thicknesses, and because of the poor quality of the material
s of the stove was destroyed by fire.The stove was dismantled, and all went to the strengthening of the brick road to the site.

plate lifting s_e_s_h procured two hydraulic 12-ton jack.To adapt the pipe diameter of 15 cm with pads at the ends as a stand under the jack.On the one hand at the site has been designated a wooden board for a uniform pressure on the stove.

constructed extension to the house after leveling slabs get a little higher than the first floor of the main house, so the main house floor slabs had to lift the two sides.But to do it, I had to remove part of the masonry between the side walls and slabs for free lifting plates.

All these works s_e_s_h has made one week with the assistance of helper for 500 a day.

Rise home.The first action

Rising house s_e_s_h started with leveling plates from the extension.The rise was carried out by raising alternate indication plates and lining for them in advance napilennyh 5 centimeter pieces of boards.

then began to raise the other side of the plate, outside the house.So slowly, alternately raised extreme boards, and in place of them, and the whole house.In total, the house rose by 23 cm.

Every time after raising another plate under it for insurance puts a brick on the edge, and then fit the rest.

When you work on the use of the jack, he has to stand vertically

During lifting homemade plate she broke down and burst.It turned out that during the filling of the plate across it someone put a wooden board, thereby dividing the plate into two halves, and she just kept on the valve and during lifting plate broke.The main thing is that at this time on the ground floor of one of the men was not.

Fallen cooker has broken part of the wall, which had to be restored, and the plate itself broke, pieces sprinkled on the road, and the valve left to fill the new board.

second action

After lifting the second floor ceiling height of 2.5 m with the growth of 182 cm s_e_s_h did not suit him, so he decided to pick up more and attic, especially after it became a leveling plate curve with a vertical drop on the oppositethe corners at 12 cm.

Blockhouse decided to raise one crown, about 25 cm. So every corner of the house was alternately raised and placed on temporary abutments.Then the prepared timber, attached to it by a stapler lnovatin 20 cm wide and began to set.

beam was first inserted from two opposite sides, then to the other two.The ends of the timber are interconnected by screws (260 mm) with preparation holes.

The resulting gap between the beam and slabs zapenili mounting foam.Thus, the house was raised by a total of half a meter.After raising the house, inhaling dust, s_e_s_h ill for about a month and was in the hospital.


  • Before you buy a house, check it well.Check the elevation at opposite corners and evenness of ceilings.
  • Using a hydraulic jack slab can accurately align
  • lift home from a bar on a crown is not difficult, if the lower crown made from whole logs.

decoration dried apple

Do not rush to cut down dead trees.On the purchased plot in s_e_s_h one of the two apple trees died, when he bought the store dummy herons.Then I come to the country ugly cut branches.Woven pots with metal frame made nest.Dummy heron attach the aluminum wire and put it in a realistic slot tow.

then the whole structure perched on a tree branch and secure the wire.The updated so everyone liked apple, especially children.

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