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01 June 2016
First YuM built a summer cottage guest house, but this year, before laying the foundation for the house, he decided to build a shed, that would be where to put the building materials and tools during construction

dimensions are 6x3 barn.The height of the front wall of 3 meters high, 2.4 meters back.The frame of the board 50x100.

First YuM dug pit fell asleep CBC and put blocks.The next day did the harness of the timber, previously soaked fire-Bioprotective solution and put the harness on the blocks, not fixing.For convenience and speed, the sex of the shed made of moisture-resistant OSB 18 mm thick.The height above the ground strapping about 30 cm.

Shed kakrkasno-shield so I started to collect one wall after another.I raise them with the lever and the active help of his wife.The idea has prompted a neighbor Igor arm.Of course, using only lever to raise the failed (construction heavy and shaky) helped his wife.He had to lift each edge of the queue, substituting lags somewhere degrees
to 45. The rope that was attached to the lever, insure, tying it to a tree in the interference.Then he clutched his arm and finally raised to the vertical position of the wall.His wife was holding the lever until it put braces.The entire operation of raising the walls took half an hour.The walls are fixed to the floor with nails.In the corners, where the walls are connected, fasten them together with nails weaving.

Next weekend YuM began installing the rafters of the board 40h150 and 3837 mm in length, they were followed by sheathing.On top of the lath, as waterproofing, bed sheets roofing felt, and the top laid ondulin - two whole sheet overlap.Having dealt with the roof sheathing YuM started OSB wall thickness of 9.5 mm.

prostroen box next barn, he had introduced a workbench.Then, from pallets made interim steps.I put the door and gate installed and glazed window and output came to an end.

finishing barn

To make the construction stage and beauty cap barn YuM closed flat slate and the walls began to sheathe clapboard.In winter, a barn painted wall paint.On the floor of the barn, he plans to lay linoleum.

Shed has managed about 50 000 rubles.

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