Construction of the bath timber

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01 June 2016
The resulting plot is located in the CHT, which are organized in 1993.In it, there are about 800 sites with an area of ​​15 acres.Dokhturov decided to take the land on the edge.

was a road to the plot.It is supplied with electricity 15 kW, there was gas on the border SNT, and in the future promised to hold water.

After some thought in the first place, he decided to build a sauna.According to him, this is the best solution to the construction of the house.It is possible to live, to take guests to bathe and relax in comfort.

take a final decision in the spring of 2009, he loaded into his truck tools and materials needed to install the pier foundation and went to the country.


arrived to the country, he immediately started drilling holes manual drill.Drill bit diameter of 300 mm, the holes made at a depth of 1.5 m. The soil in the country a solid clay, drilling was hard, but over the weekend he and his assistant did all the holes, set the asbestos-cement pipes and filled them with a soluti
on mixes.The pipe laid on the two rod reinforcement with regard to the release of the sill to the foundation.

Bay foundation Dokhturov purchased lumber - 30 cubes.To bring them to Moscow for a distance of 200 km and unload had to pay 5000 rubles.

Then he spread a tube foundation in two layers of roofing felt and sill made of timber, securing it for the reinforcement installed in the basement pipes.Laghi floor 200x50 mm, it is mounted on the U-shaped bracket with screws and nails.

for waterproofing the bottom of the bath Dokhturov treated sill, and the draft floor joists floor mining.It contains carcinogens, but as this room, and not a house, it's not scary.Moreover, in some places will be concrete screed.

Walling bath

Walls lifted without problems.I did gashes in the floor beams and placed on top of each other.Interior partitions set of beam 150h100 mm.On the construction site began to come often assistants.The four construction progressed fast and fun.Dokhturov whittling, while others were treated with antiseptic and placed on a wall board.

When the walls have become so high that it was difficult to raise the bar, one of my friends suggested the use of a car winch for lifting it.Then they pulled a steel cable between two birches, and put a block on it.We conducted through the rope and raised, so the top bar.

To make it easier to build a bath and no longer walks in through window openings, Dokhturov sawed opening for the door and made okosyachku.


On the floor in the steam room and washing Dokhturov will make a pie floor - board, DSP, waterproofing, covering, "warm floor" tiles.In all other areas postelet board 50 mm, will lay on top of the plywood and laminate.The bath will sink and can be dry and steam.

Walls bath set of planed timber, so the walls inside, he does not cover, and the outside will be 100 mm insulation and block House.


During the construction of the roof no accidents have occurred.As usual did rafters crate.On top lay a plywood.Roof temporarily - until next year - covered with roofing material.Only a few have not calculated overhangs, they will receive a short - 50 cm. The roof was warmed Rockwool - 150 mm thickness.

Purchase and installation of bath stove

for guys Dokhturov bought the stove - Harvia Legend 240 Duo.And the next day found a decent sandwich for good money - 2000 rubles.per square meter of Russian production.

Next weekend Dokhturov with difficulty, but with their hands, fully assembled stove and chimney checked and she drowns.

rush when installing the stove was on the initiative of his wife.The mice ate all the insulation, and to spend the night in a cold bath does not like.So they decided to urgently establish and run the furnace bath.

under the stove he made a brick foundation and wanted it oblitsevat tiles, but because of the rush of this idea, and he refused to put on a brick Miners, which in the future will ennoble.

It was hard to hold the pipe through the second level of the roof.Through an oversight on the top of the bath did not turn rafters seven and six, and therefore released the tube stops at the edge of the rafter, which had a little trim.After filing gables all defects closed.

After installing the furnace in the bath Dokhturov spent the first protopku.During smoke testing valyl only from the upper part of the tube.For two hours he warmed bath to a temperature of 16 degrees Celsius.

To impose oven, he bought the stones - jade Talkohlorit and about 200 kg, because they have a large heat capacity.

After laying the stones he began protopke stove.After two hours, the temperature in the steam rose to 50 degrees, but in all the bath of 16-18 degrees.The ceiling and walls in the steam room is not insulated.Check how well the room keeps the heat did not work, was summoned to work.

for laying pipes between floors bought ordinary butchering 600x600 size, coupled with a sheet minerita and attached to the ceiling.To prevent fire, all the wooden structures he obvernul bazaltokartonom and foil, and top sheathed atseitom.The whole structure is filled with basalt wool.After protopki oven temperature menerita between floors rose to 30 - 35 degrees Celsius.

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