Construction of Children's House

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01 June 2016
Andrei and his family live in a private home.His son was two years old, and he was almost nowhere to walk - near the house runs a busy freeway and go to the park is not close.And then Andrew and his wife decided to build for his son a small house, and next to the sandbox.

Building Children's House

Andrew and his wife, first of all, to think over the size and structure of the alleged house and decided it would be a frame-panel house 2.5 meters by 1.25 meters.

First they built the frame of the boards of the future house and attach sheets of OSB.As a basis in the structure of the OSB sheets used, and to connect the whole structure and its decoration used planks and beams 5x5 cm.

Then they cut out a place in the box, put the veranda railing, set the front door, a bench in a small house.In the house trim boards on pallets used for equipment hung shutters on the windows.

as waterproofing roofing material on the roof of a bed and covered floorings.

To give the house a lived-in appearance
and to hide the flaws of Andrew and his wife had aged wood, and covered the outside of the house more stain and then Yachting varnish in a single layer.

Andrew took care of the house and the use of night-time - set the light - LED lamp on batteries.To the house looked like a punched Andrew peephole in the door, put the door handle and wireless doorbell and door hung House № 1.

During construction of the house, husband and wife were always together and made it a month and a half, working on weekends.

After the completion of their son and his friends were satisfied with home !!!

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