One storey house from a bar

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01 June 2016
small one-story house NikePiter building because of his small plot itself.On it managed to place only house the size of 5x7 m. It is planned to use during the weekend, all year round.

House plan

NikePiter and his wife want to have a house, though small, but cozy.His wife wants to be sure to have a common roof terrace.Its area is 2x5 meters and the rest ploschad5h5 m remains in the house.

Foundation.The soil at the site in NikePiter dry and under a thin layer of fertile layer of sand begins, so the foundation for the house, he decided to make tape melkozaglublenny,

At the entrance to the house is 2x2 meters vestibule. At the same time it will be used as a place to undress and wash your hands.The roof on the house is gable.Walls, he will put the size of the profiled beam 145h145 mm, with pegs and logging into the bowl.

roof will be insulated with Rockwool 150 mm, and it will be a big window to have more visual space.

Paul it will be too warm Rockwool 150 mm.Heated house is long b
urning stove - like "Buleryan."


all started with bringing order to the area.First of all, May 9 NikePiter demolished old garage, built in the year, and the right stuff distributed throughout the cottage.

then had to carry two large birch, each two feet in diameter, which stood on the site of the future house.In order to cut them, he hired a team, and over the weekend they demolished the birch.

Once cut down a tree, leaving large hemp.To uproot them, we had to hire a tractor, which is difficult, but to cope with this task.He then trim the soil and shed its water.

To build the foundation needed a team of workers.With the participation of the tractor, which uproot the stumps, he found her.For melkozaglublёnny tape base 5x5 meters with a bridge in the middle and three columns to the porch the team wanted to 40,000 rubles.and I was ready to get to work in a week.NikePiter is acceptable, so he agreed and the next day, together with the foreman and a list with the list of building materials for the foundation, he went to buy them on the market.Brigadier Alexander chose the right material and NikePiter paid.On materials spent 47 000 rubles.Since the "Pine" has a concrete plant, the foundation has been decided to fill the mixer.

At the appointed time the team has started digging trenches, knocking up form panels and laying in her fittings ... Shields for shuttering workers sheathed roofing material.Despite the intense heat and lack of electricity work was in full swing.Rebar cut gas burner, do not use screws, nails hammered everything.

Size dug up the belt - 30 cm width, 80 cm depth, base will be from 50 to 25 cm because of the slope of the soil.To fill the basement chosen on 7 August.Concrete ordered an M-250 with a margin of six cubic meters.

While there was the construction of the foundation, NikePiter and his wife were looking for information on building a house from a bar, and then the firm that it can competently carry out - that is, to build a small, cozy house.

On the appointed day and hour approached mixer, and two hours a foundation completely filled.Two weeks later, formwork was removed, and the team received a calculation.Over the weekend NikePiter remove excess soil from inside and outside of the foundation.

bay foundation, NikePiter began searching firm that will build a house.But first it was necessary to draw a sketch of the future homes to order his project.

To build a house in the country NikePiter his wife decided to buy the complex wall.In St. Petersburg, it takes only 3-4 firms.The choice fell on a company Rumaksa.After seeing their timber size 160x160 mm, he realized that this is exactly.And he ordered the project.

selecting Rumaks, they agreed with them and taking their sketches went to the meeting.In the office, discussed the various aspects of building the organization and agreed with the manager Paul the approximate estimate, he promised to do in three days.

price estimate was not very high, but the cost for some items were overpriced (4000 rubles. For the assembly of a cube of the wall of the complex).But in the end we decided to build in Rumakse.

After the final decision, they immediately ordered an individual project of the future house.Its cost is 15 000 rubles.and enters the value of the wall of the complex.Hit on his hands, he paid for the project.A week later, the project of the house was ready.Looking drawings, NikePiter found inaccuracies there and sent them back for revision.Approved the final version of the draft, the work went on estimates.

After complying with all formalities agreement was signed with the company for the supply of Rumaks stenokomplekta and lumber.Then NikePiter through a bank has made an advance payment of 75% of the order value, with 15,000 rubles., Which he paid for the project, he returned.

House will put the size of the comb bar 160x160 mm.The roof will be either of the soft tile or metal.

signing the contract, NikePiter again went to the market to buy materials to raise walls of the house, you had to buy: mounting plates, angles, skolzyachki, adjustable anchor on the roof membrane bought - Izospan AM.Purchased fresh planks 50x200 mm in an amount of 5 pieces.After purchasing the boards he handled them with antiseptic.

Wall complex on the transport is handled by the manufacturer antiseptic.

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