Preservation of an unfinished house

By Admin | Building
01 June 2016
order to protect in the future - to preserve, unfinished house on the impact of adverse external factors, there are a number of rules.The main of them - in time to stop the construction work to winter is not caught by surprise.Depending on what stage they are carried out, there are different options for conservation.

Pit Pit

most exposed to precipitation.The bottom of the pit filled with water saturate with water.Under the influence of water and liquefied soil frost to a depth of 50cm.below the excavation.Therefore, in the spring, before continuing the construction work will have to strengthen the soil with sand, pebbles or gravel.This additional cost.

efficient and cheaper methods of preservation of excavation, to date, does not exist.Therefore, if time does not permit to complete the construction of the foundation, before the winter, digging pit is better not to start.


If you need to preserve the basement of a house under construction, it is necessary to complete all the work on the con
struction of the foundation.Perform waterproofing work and make backfill soil.The surface of the foundation are covered with roofing material or film.Strengthen them with a brick.If the foundation is made of bricks at first, you need to hide it with a layer of straw and then roll roofing material or film.Straw will allow construction to breathe and will not penetrate the brick condensate.Canned manner foundations survive winter cold and thaw.


mothballed construction of the wall, if you still do not have sex, you can just as well as the foundation.But it is necessary to close the window and door openings, with the same material.If you already concreted floors or ceiling of the first floor is done, you need to install a temporary roof.You can just - Shed, important to eliminate the ingress of water into the interior of the house.Otherwise, the concrete and brick otsyreyut lower rows, and under the influence of frost will inevitably collapse.

house roof

House, which, before the onset of winter, the roof is built - very easy to preserve.If there are no roof formwork is mounted temporary, and cover with foil or roofing material.In the spring of this coating removed and continue construction.If the formwork is mounted on the roof, do not hesitate to cover the roofing material.

built house, but no stove and finish

easiest way to preserve the house, which has a roof, installed windows and doors.In principle, this house does not need preservation.Here in the first place there is the question, and whether to stop the work.After all, the house has a value, and profit at the expense of others, unfortunately, we have a lot.And shame will be seen in the spring, stripped skeleton of a house without windows and doors.

recommended to set the time in the house of thermal units.It could be heaters, stoves or ovens - stove.When the house is warm, you can continue to work in it all winter.You can mount the heating system.Make wiring electrical wiring.Plastered walls and ceiling.And most importantly it will protect the house from the attacks of vandals.

All of these recommendations are based on the fact that the house will be preserved for one winter.If, for any reason, the construction of the house will be suspended for an indefinite period, subject to the preservation should be approached carefully.