Wooden house.

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01 June 2016
Wooden house seems to us the epitome of environmental cleanliness and a healthy lifestyle.But let's see whether wooden buildings bear any danger to our health.

houses of wood, of course, have many advantages.The ability to update the air in the room, and in addition, to maintain optimum moisture, preventing dampness in the full house, indoors wooden houses by changing the beam to 30% of air per day.Wood is an excellent thermal insulator.Speaking about the mechanical properties of the wood, then surely it is worth noting that the tree was easily treatable.

In addition, it is known that the tree has medicinal properties, known to the assumption that the wood affects the bio-energy person.For example, it is believed that some species of trees are able to exert a healing effect on humans.They restore the nervous system, relieve stress and irritation, increase vitality and raise the level of activity.And some of the trees, such as cedar and apple contain a cleansing and disinfectant properties.

Wood is characterized by properties such as the absence of harmful substances electrifying materials, noise reduction, no vibration, low frequency sound waves

But the question arises: Is there a danger of radioactive contamination of the timber?

Modern society is sick radiophobia.Chronology of the beginning of the era of radioactive contamination of Europe and Ukraine in particular, we are with the April 26, 1986

Forests act as a filter, presenting an obstacle to the spread of radioactive fallout.Up to 90% precipitation concentrated in the fallen leaves.Cesium continues to focus in the wood, but even in the wood coming from the areas most affected by the Chernobyl accident, the concentration does not exceed the permissible levels.But this is purified from the bark of wood.

Wood, as you know, growing rings.The last ring accrued after the Chernobyl accident, in contaminated forests have a high content of radionuclides.But the closer to the core barrel, the less radiation.The difference - in dozens of times.If you make this wood beams, the "dirty" part of the tree goes to waste.

These wastes pose a real threat!If you use them as fuel, the ash in furnaces ovens will not just be contaminated by radionuclides - radioactive waste is the fact!

According to the research of radioactive contamination 85 percent of forest resources affected by the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is now in the normal range.In terms of the content of radionuclides in wood, in a critical condition remain forest southwest of the Bryansk region and the Kaluga region, while in other affected areas, the situation has improved.

Thus, it can be noted that even wood coming from areas anywhere exposed to radioactive emissions that are always dangerous.So when buying wood and pilomateralov should choose a company that will provide information about the area from which the materials came.

next question naturally arises in our time, can be dangerous chemical wood protection?

Argued that treat various protective structures wood loses its ecological properties and becomes almost poisonous.

main factors representing the greatest danger to wooden structures, it is - humidity, UV radiation, wind, temperature, mold, fungus, bacteria, insects, and various mechanical actions.Mould and spores of many fungi can provoke severe allergic disease in human protection of wooden materials from these harmful external influences - is a serious problem.

Of course, all of the proposed range would be desirable to choose a product that effectively protects the tree, and on human health and environmental impacts without damage.Today most of the incoming products to the Russian market has the necessary certificates of conformity satisfy the requirements of the EU directive on limiting VOC content in paints.

But some drugs should be used with caution.

In particular, there containing coal tar means to protect the tree, also called karbolenom or tar oil.They are usually diluted with some solvent, and are composed of up to 1000 different components, of which we are aware of the strength of 300. Over karbolenami tends suspicion of carcinogenicity.They can not be sprayed, or sprayed.Their use in buildings where it is not ruled out contact with food, as well as in the construction of water facilities is prohibited.

means chemical wood preservative containing the elements of the solvent are organic poisons.Some substances, such as pentachlorophenol, lindane, and can be dangerous because of their toxicity and pollution technical (dioxin and furan).Many manufacturers have already replaced those funds other poisons, which, although unknown to the public, but just as harmful to health.Therefore, the statement "without lindane and pentachlorophenol" does not necessarily sound reassuring.

saline protection of wood - is dissolved salts, such as chromates, arsenates, fluoride salts, copper salts and boron.Pure boron salt, for example, the recommended construction biologists borax in concentrations consumed relatively harmless to humans.They evaporate and easy to clean.

retardants - ognezamedlyayuschie and fire-retardant compounds are generally used only in public buildings - hotels, restaurants, sports complexes.The fact that the flame retardants from the treated wood to some extent evaporate inside the house and can cause allergic reactions in hosts, and especially in children.Therefore, we have to choose between absolute ecological compatibility and fire resistance.

also includes some impregnating chromium compounds.They are very effective, however, are carcinogenic.Bechromnye protective agents are copper-based compounds, and fluorine bopa or pure mineral oil.

should be noted that as part of any paint products have chemicals that are potentially dangerous if used improperly or her possession.When using chemicals necessary precautions, information on which can be found on the packaging datasheets.Science does not stand still, and each company is something different, so read the label and instructions, so you can protect yourself from the harmful effects.

For several years, Russia is actively used by new timber - glulam.Whether it is safe for our health?

What glulam?It is a building material of a new generation has arisen on the basis of new technologies and materials in the wood as a result of understanding the disadvantages associated with traditional solid timber.It has a number of advantages compared to traditionally used solid wood.Glued laminated timber does not warp, does not shrink and virtually does not crack, then the wall will preserve the original appearance and does not need to caulk the gap formed between the bars.Glulam is stronger and more beautiful solid wood (cut defects).Manufacturers of construction materials laminated board is positioned as completely devoid of material deficiencies.No wonder the building houses from glued beams so developed in Finland, famous for its strict requirements for environmental safety.

But the manufacturing process of materials such as laminated beams and laminated veneer lumber processing stage involves slats antiseptics and flame retardants.Consequently, it applies to everything that has been said above about the means of chemical protection of wood.

If you refer to the services of the company with a certificate of safety and quality of both Russian and international standard, confirming the high level of environmental cleanliness, your health is not subjected to any harmful effects.

So whether you need to fear the harmful effects, to begin the construction of a wooden house?People say: fear of wolves - in the woods not to go.But if you are armed with the necessary knowledge, then feel free to choose a tree for the realization of their dreams - at home, which will create a special atmosphere, which helps to restore energy, strength and emotional balance, vitality and peace of mind find