The construction of a large house from a bar

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01 June 2016
finished foundation work on June 2, the team quickly pack up and leave, and already the 3rd Brigade arrived Yaroslavl, and followed her to the wagon and beam.But she drove to the site, because I could not fit into the rotation.It was necessary to urgently seek the foreman and machine overload the timber.For two hours, he had solved the problem, and timber brought to the site.

brought back bar Nadin_Ka did not like - it was clean and neat, but all in the cracks.Then she called on the firm and on the phone she explained that the forest is their March and dries, so the cracking process is inevitable.

Upon closer inspection, it became clear that the main cracks run inside the bar, and, in general, the beam was normal.They took him from Archangel, dense ring.But despite this, about ten logs are rejected.This team uchuvstvovat actively in this process.

The day the team unloaded the whole bar was quite tired and went to settle.And since they did not even have time for a meal all day, Nadin_Ka My husband and
I went to work as a cook barbecue dinner.

Building walls

The next morning, the workers were engaged leveling screed, but it began to rain, strong winds, and the whole day the weather did not let us work.Therefore, when the weather calmed, June 6, workers began laying the first wreath.

on finished Levelling laid as a waterproofing stekloizol.Top put lining boards Larch, zapenili slit foam green.Backing board is not secured to the foundation.On board put polubrus and bar section 190h185 and the house began to climb.

Typically, the initial phase out all day.During the installation was carried preservation of timber - Neomidom 440.

June 9 over the first batch of timber and that the team is not idle, the workers hid unfinished house in case it starts to rain, and left for a week to work on another site.

But after a week did not bring the promised timber, citing failures in production, and promised to ship the second batch only by 2 July.And the object of the contract to be delivered on the 20th.

last car came with a second batch timber - 30 cubes.Bruce brought a good and free of cracks.To unload using a manipulator.And finally coped four hours.

For a couple of days, the team built a wood and is completely held antiseptic timber.And Monday building again gained momentum.By brigade no complaints, they try as best they can, and in the evening have to stop them, so they can relax.

House grows.A little more and be ready on the first floor.At home with a cap it gets high, but despite this, Nadin_Ka does not regret that insisted that the ceiling height of the first floor will be at least 3 meters.

With third-party suppliers of lumber pulled back, all the while pushing back deadlines, and to fight it useless.Bruce promised to bring no earlier than 14 th.Therefore, after the timber was over, the team quickly gathered and moved to another site.

After delivering a third party timber brigade quickly arrived and continued to work.The fourth batch of timber brought up without delay, and by 16 August the house was ready for the erection of truss construction and temporary roofing.

When fully raised the walls, it was found that the height of the house from the first timber to the ridge about 8.2 meters, plus basement - 0.8 meters.

construction of the roof

After raising the walls promptly brought up timber, and immediately went to work on the construction of roof system.Brigade, as before, is working well and correctly, without causing complaints.Rafter did, as expected, sliding, taking into account the shrinkage of the house.

Having crate, workers covered temporary roof for the winter roofing material and completed the construction of this house.

cost home from a bar

total area of ​​the house with a balcony, terrace and porch is - 206 squares.The cost of purchased timber is 9600 rubles.per cubic meter with kickoff cups factory.On the construction of the house required 100 cubic meters of wood.Construction of houses of timber is about half the cost of the material.Still need to add boards on the joists and rafters.

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