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01 June 2016
Alexei lives in Altai had a plot of 14 acres, on which there were: a house with an attic, garage, sauna.But life goes on, and it took him a new home.

he decided to build a house of concrete blocks with two floors with a gable roof.The house they began to build without the project because without it, and built.And not to be trapped, guided and advised on the forum "Home and Cottage" including fasting "House of Novolipetsk gazosilikata."

house built not for permanent residence, but with the possibility of year-round.

to stay builders decided to use the old house.In autumn 2009, poured reinforced foundation for a new house a width of 40 cm. And the size of 7x8.They put the waterproofing, and to align the base of the foundation built by three rows of double silicate brick.

before laying concrete blocks again made waterproofing.Walls decided to put the density of aerated concrete 800, the city of Barnaul.It produces high-quality concrete, but uneven, so it was placed on a solution.Walls in the future
we plan to insulate and sheathe siding with mineral wool.

After first floor builders left for 5 days.Upon arrival they made formwork for Laying nets.He will step with prefabricated I-beam, which will build floor beams on the second floor.

filled Laying nets.They dug in the house cellar the size of 5x2 meters and a depth of 1 meter.On the floor of the cellar made the tie, and the walls have posted full-bodied red brick.The walls of the cellar at the same time will support the floor joists of the first floor.After the cellar began to prepare the foundation for the fireplace.

So ended the first floor, cellar, a foundation under the fireplace and picked up the walls of the second floor and will soon begin the installation of the roof.

House size would be about 120 sq / m.At full build a house Alex is planning to spend about 1.2 million.

Close to home builders began to build the terrace and has built a single roof over her and extension.Size is attached terraces 5,8h6 meters.

home decorating Alex decided to do it myself, but as the insulation will hold it next year.

Alex plans to heat the house using solid fuel boilers, which runs on coal and wood.On the first floor will be a fireplace.

plans to lay floors of planed 50-ki.On the floor, he spread a temporary board, so they dried up, and then set the final drying.He believes that the board will not be worse decking, and thus several times cheaper.

his work in the home builders have finished filling the porch.

materials spent on the construction and the cost


spent on the foundation - 51 900 rubles.This includes: fittings, roofing felt, wire, boards, sand, concrete, nails digging trenches and delivery.


spent on building materials - 406 000 rubles.With that money bought: I-beams, brick silicate, boards, beams, metal corner mesh kaladochnaya, fittings, cement, concrete blocks, sand, gravel, nails, foam, screws, red brick, metal, wood windows, roofing material, anchors, pipe, buckets, shovels, and other construction materials.

Payment builders

builders paid for his work - 325,000 rubles.The builders have done the following work: put the foundation, erected walls and roof terrace was built, dismantled the old house, unloaded building materials.

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