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01 June 2016
Extension of the second floor of the timber

Use lumber thicker than the old house, s_e_s_h could not, or would interfere with the timber in some places inside the house.And as a non-standard timber, he had to look for a company that could do it.

With difficulty he found a company that could produce timber custom size (16h18 and 6 m long) and planed it.This timber with the delivery cost him 32.5 thousand. Rub.

For warming crowns he bought lnovatin.This is a good insulation, it has a uniform thickness and homogeneous structure, as they say sellers, it does not eat mole.s_e_s_h bought several rolls of a width of 20 cm and a length of 20 meters for 450 rubles.each.

More dowels were purchased in the amount of 300 pieces.reinforcement of a diameter of 10 mm and a length of 32 cm, sharpened on one side - 10 rubles.per Unit.

Due to illness s_e_s_h got to the hospital, but even there he did not waste time in vain, and was looking for a team that would build the second floor of the timber.

As he lay in the hospital, timber remained in the area wrapped in plastic wrap.At this time, I sewed rains and ventilate the timber was nobody.As a result, about 30% of timber covered with fungus.

His labors were not in vain, and before discharge from the hospital he already had a team that is 10 000 rubles.ready to build an extension of the second floor of the timber.In order to save wood s_e_s_h bought bleach and ognebiozaschitnuyu Drains.

Construction of a second floor extension of timber

After discharge from the hospital was contraindicated s_e_s_h load, so he made light work - shot electroplane chamfer with a bar, handle it with bleach and then ognebiozaschitoy.His wife helped him actively.

Processing wood bleach, use only synthetic brushes.Natural corrosive solutions.

Treated timbers workers raised to the second floor, customized in size, and laid lnovatin put it.Then drilled dowel bar and killed.Lnovatina width 20 cm, and the timber 12, so it is folded in half, and get a good layer of insulation, and nothing stuck out.

To install the 10 mm dowel in the upper tool bar drilled hole 12 mm and 10 mm at the bottom, and only then hammered dowel and recessed 2-3 cm deep.

Bruce dowel to be drilled, using drills on a tree with a tip like a screw.It easily enters the tree without the application of effort.

prostrogat Bruce was on the one hand, for interior partitions had to rasp and the other side (between the future kitchen and stairs).For five days, and three workers s_e_s_h collected the second floor of the timber.

As long as the second floor of the timber is not shrunk, and it can not be fixed to the old house, the workers of the boards made sliding mount that secure the new bar to the old house, without interfering with his face down in the vertical.

At the end of the season over the floor, he built a temporary roof made of planks and roofing, windows and roofing material hammered boards.

As a result, the total cost of an extension of the second floor of the bar cost 50 000 rubles.taking into account supplies.

There is no need to feel sorry for boring machine during operation nekleenym timbers;
Bars upper ring should be additionally fixed with each other, that they are not led.

Caulking bar on the second floor

After the construction of the second floor extension s_e_s_h decided that before the plate of the second floor of an old brick house and outbuildings (given that the old house up for the installation of an additional ring) is the need for its caulk along the outsidewith an extension.

five working days Assistant s_e_s_h caulk all joints.It was spent - three roll lnovatina 20 meters each and cost 450 rubles.In the work of the Working s_e_s_h paid 2.5 thousand. Rub.

During konopatki revealed that in many places there was no general tow.So, the money was well spent, and the house became warmer.

Mount extension of the second floor to the main house

After the annual shrinkage extension settled, but still was a bit above the old house - 3-5 cm. To themMake flush with each other, he took a sledgehammer and tapped in succession all the angles of an extension, so that evened its level of the old house.

To tie bar extension to the old house, s_e_s_h did they deepen drills on a tree to drown head screw, and then drilled a timber through and secured the new bar to the old house long hex head screws and washers.To prevent corrosion of the screw head, he poured silicone sealant.In all the work I spent three nights.

During perestroika at home prepare for the fact that take a long time to bring it in order.
If the person does not stop before difficulties - there comes a time when he can be proud of the results.

How to saw off protruding plate perektyty

s_e_s_h did not want to cut slabs, so he wanted to somehow beat that was nice and helpful.For example, to make the canopy and attach drovyannik.But then I remembered that when his house was not so good and beautiful, and decided against it.

Sawing plate did not want to, but he tried to postpone the work until later, the time has come when you can no longer pull.So, gather strength, he and an assistant began to cut the plate.

Plates were qualitative - Soviet-made with good reinforcement.First, it was necessary to take a deep propyl bottom, and then finally saw off the top.Sawed slabs in such a way as to leave the ledge of 3 cm. In the future, he's going out there to warm the wall polystyrene.

First he established with the assistant forest under slabs and pulled the cord to draw a line on the plate cut from the bottom, then began to make the bottom cut.The work required great strength, so every 2-3 minutes they succeeded each other.Stove top s_e_s_h sawed one, because the Bulgarian with a diamond disc under its own weight and sawing concrete like butter.

For two days, they have cut four boards.The worker he paid 500 day and cost 600 rubles diamond blade.

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