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01 June 2016

House, which is now home to the Crimson 18, built in 2007-2008.Immediately after the erection she moved with her family in an unfinished house to sell an apartment in the city and pay the workers.

After moving immediately had a desire to build a porch outside the house.After much thought, weighing the pros and cons, the choice was made.Veranda will be the size of 6x6, porch and roof will stand on brick pillars.

First of all, they poured reinforced columnar-strip foundations.Then it was bought red facing bricks void for the construction of the cap.

After the construction of the cap brought / used reinforced concrete slab the size of the verandas and safely installed.Top it was made concrete screed, and as such construction stopped until spring.

spring of next year the construction of the porch was resumed.We started with the construction of the columns.They were built out of the same hollow facing brick without reinforcement.

build a colony, purchased timber 200x200 mm and a length of

6.12 m - 3 pieces.They are installed on the supporting columns.And then, slowly, began to collect roof building on the board.By building the roof structure, covered her matallocherepitsey and left until the next winter.

for glazing verandahs decided to buy a single-chamber windows with large opening frames.The windows have bought mosquito nets.After the installation of windows, her husband put on the porch tiles.

stairs from the house to the veranda made of metal, and put in granite.The door of the house on street patio set, an iron.She received sealed.

summer warmed the inside roof lining and obbili.On the pillars that support the roof, it is planned to install lights for lighting porches want to buy a wrought iron chandeliers and hang it in the center of the veranda.

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