Log houses

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01 June 2016
use of such homes for low-rise buildings due to the relatively low average density and strength of wood, which provides the functional reliability of a residential or public building.But the disadvantage is the high hygroscopicity and water absorption, low biological stability, including the ability to decay.

Building companies do not retain the strength for a long time in case of fire.Therefore made log wall used for buildings up to two floors of the fourth class of fire resistance.

basic material for the construction of timber is cylindrical in shape or prefabricated beams of square or rectangular cross-section.

skeleton of the building consists of a log house, and going out of the crowns, that is, from the horizontally laid along the perimeter of the core series of logs or timbers.Log cabin of logs made of softwood diameter of the upper section is greater than or equal to 160 mm.

The bottom timber is arranged a groove width of about 2/3 of the thickness of the log.The device is a slot in the bo
ttom of the particle is a necessary wall thickness of the thermo-technical reasons (groove caulk tow, dry moss, felt).

device at the bottom of the groove is caused by the need to prevent the penetration of atmospheric moisture into the interior of the framework.

angles crowns solved through two schemes:

when cutting logs with the remainder (in the bowl), or no residue (in the leg).They are combined with each other spikes of hardwoods (a half - two horizontal and vertical staggered).Dimensions 25h60h120mm spike, but may be more 25h70h150.

When the device window and door partitions resistance piers provided not only the crown of thorns, but also laying the end terminations of walls in the groove tying openings.

remaining solutions log similar to the decision log of logs from logging corners in the bowl.

Thermal performance log with a remainder higher than without a trace, but higher and consumption of wood.Notching without a trace more labor-intensive, but also more economical.

usually log when notching the corners evenly clapboard.When notching
log - "five-wall" that is, from the inner wall, regardless of the type of notching corners vrubka interior walls in exterior made skavarodnem (a hidden or open).The same method often produced pairing of logs and log ceiling beams.