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01 June 2016
Incarnation ideas

Conceived manma build a dacha near Kiev pool that was stationary and did not cost much.Of all the options considered by the mini pool came w / w ring diameter of 2.5 meters and a depth of 1.2 meters.

first wanted him to just put on the ground, because the ground water level is very high, then decided to bury 60 cm - the parents were able to overcome easily the height of rail.

solved, of course, decide, and will behave like concrete ring embedded in the ground in winter, tear it or not?

consulted on the forum "Home and Cottage" they calmed down.They recommended to fill the pool with water up to ground level and then plunge into the pool joints.Compensator - the capacity, with the load submerged in the pool at different depths.

Because of the lack of control by the manma her instead of the bottom w / w of the ring loaded with the hatch cover.But they did not panic and put the lid as the bottom and top set w / w ring.And in a place where there should be a hatch they

made a recess for the motor, in case of draining and cleaning the pool.A hole concreted, as expected, with the use of valves.

Action - Water expands when it freezes, and presses on all around.Since the plastic bottle is weaker than w / w of the pool wall, and she somnёtsya and the pool wall will sound.

Building pool

Bought ring was in a diameter of 2.5 meters and a height of 1.2 meters.After some thought, he decided to bury half and parents to easily access and small children will not fall accidentally.

dug a hole to the desired depth, put 4 bar 10 cm thick and the perimeter screed made of cement mortar thickness of 10 cm. In the dried solution, after the bars were removed, the crane put the concrete ring.

But in place of the void bars they plan to stretch the tube to filter and drain the water.

Ladder decided not to do.And the land of the pit podgresti decided under the ring outside, trample down and make something like a veranda.And to make it encircling a bed, leaving behind only a place to "ground" step.

cost pool
  • Ring - $ 20;
  • bottom - $ 200;
  • delivery with unloading - $ 200;
  • 2 bag "Gidrozita" - $ 50;
  • paint for swimming pools and exterior paint - $ 50;
  • cement bag 2 - $ 5.
TOTAL - $ 625.

Nothing worth
  • digging pits;
  • painting and plastering
But even if hiring workers, the cost of the pool would not exceed $ 1,000.

Hydro pool

as waterproofing they chose "idrosis-BS» - is a powder-like dry plaster.When dried up the seam between the bottom and the ring basin manma took spatula, spread in the pelvis idrosis and evening went through all the walls of the ring.They immediately started out rough velvet.Irregularities well smoothed with a spatula and a sponge.

paint for the pool have domestic, with high adhesion for $ 20 2 liters of blue.Staples on the ring cut off grinder.Two days waterproofing dried up.Then she bought a paint roller and blue for several hours colored pool.The outer wall, she painted with facade paint.When it dried up, repeat the operation

All works were made on the advice of members of the forum with knowledge of the case, and the thickness of the waterproofing is made slightly thicker than a millimeter (1 mm recommended)

So, get beautiful, color, smooth depth of 1.2 meters and a diameter of 25 meter round pool

Operation pool

pool is additionally used as a reservoir for watering the garden and the garden.In addition, the water is constantly clean and fresh from the well, and it is not necessary to disinfect any chemistry.

In winter on the forum she was advised to fill the pool with water up to the ground level, distribute condensers, closed ring boards and to put linoleum on top for protection from debris.

plans to make mosaic tiles lining the pool.

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