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01 June 2016

do the foundation work started with the digging of the trench.Because of the height difference trench on one side turned depth of 10 cm and the other 40 cm. Then the built formwork, covered on the sides of the formwork clay, tied rebar placed every half meter studs, installed air holes and prepared for pouring concrete.

the appointed day arrived mixer and brought the first 8 cubic meters of concrete, and then he also visited two more times and brought 8 and 7 cubic meters of concrete.Vibrator was not so concrete shtykovali shovels and filled flush with the formwork, which is set strictly on the level.Formwork done well, so there is no displacement was not.The residue is poured concrete cube 0.7 at the entrance to the site.

After removing the foundation of marriage has not been noticed.The foundation was poured evenly and smoothly.

Log cabin home

Passed a month after the order log.The company that collects it, is not brought, but sent photographs of what they promised s
oon built him a lift.

last July morning on the plot came a team of workers and KamAZ with a trailer full of logs.Along with them came with a crane arm.Despite the fact that the team was going through the night, arm offload some logs and a brigade without interruption proceeded to assemble framework.

First of all, they treated SENEZH first crown - chopping block and logs.In the rest logs into the slots filled colorless ognebiozaschitu RACs.The day they assembled on the first floor.

The next day, in the morning the team continued to build the framework.By 17-00 frame house was assembled, including gables.Then they began to caulk the outside frame with moss.

Over the next week after the assembly of a log house, despite the heat, was placed roof of the house.Gables connected top and came down proshkantovany.They have a roof with all his weight.On Sunday, July 27, 2010 the house was built.

quick assembly house provided with a crane arm.And since he is paid by the day, and is expensive, the guys worked quickly.Quality log cabin brought back quite high and all went well logs into place, besides there was no wind and moss sandwiched between logs does not fly.

Delivered frame has a size of 7h6 + 7h3 m veranda. Its height excluding beams 3 m.On the second floor ploschad7h6 m. Sruba430 cost 000 the 20 000 rub.Quilting of moss outside.Konopatki inside it will be made later.

Due to the delay in the contract for the delivery of log supplier to make a complete free kontrobreshёtku roof membrane and placed under the metal crate with a step 350.

After working set and left the house, manager76 started processing the house Rognedovskim RACs.Because of abnormal heat log wood dries quickly, so manager76 bought colorless VALTI-color to paint over the ends of logs.

The plan floor in a wooden wooden house will be, and will be fully glazed veranda glazed good quality.The partitions in the house will be framed and sheathed Block Houses.

roof is made with the help of slide fasteners rafters.For two weeks the whole roof structure moved one centimeter.


bought the day before brought dvuhkubovy septic Triton.In this regard, the workers began to dig a trench from the house to the septic tank 25 meters long.They dug a pit for septic tank three meters deep.

Under septic decided not concrete, as the original three-meter pit depth of the water was not a drop.Primer - black earth two feet, more layers of clay and loam.At the bottom of the pit put metal rails and concrete pole, and secured them for reliability septic tank.Backfilling septic tank, he decided to make a mixture of cement and sand in a ratio of 1: 5.

Conducted pipe into the septic tank, and to check the system.The system works well, all is well absorbed and goes into the ground.


On the site there is no water.manager76 later I wanted to dig a well, but since the country because of this nothing can be planted had to hire a team to dig the well.

When the team came to dig the well head of them asked to be left alone.Hiking in the area with an air of mystery and solemnly declared, where it will dig a well.The place was also where he wanted to dig manager76.

finally dug a well.Its depth of 10 rings.An hour and a half had accumulated water ring.For pumping the well bought the pump and hoses.The water was not good that the local source, where it is small and it is muddy.Workers digging a well informed, that the public simply does not dig a well, so little water.

make a well manager76.I spent the pipe from the house to the well and connected underground water.


Also log on your site manager76 decided to put the gazebo.He does it for the first time.So thoroughly approached the production of design, because it is the most important and complex when its construction.

But the most difficult to prepare all these constructions to the harsh operating conditions in both winter and summer.Therefore, using varnishes and paints, I did everything according to the instructions Tikkurilly.

this was a long process, because you have to come only on weekends for a couple of days, and it was necessary to apply a layer of Vultee Pohyuste and then three layers of yacht varnish!

house slowly, gives shrinkage.But on the compensator on the veranda it is not noticeable.The log in the sun and was podzagorelo pleasant colors and for the next year to fully sanded frame, manager76 buy paint close in color.

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