How I built a chicken coop

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01 June 2016
After the erection of their home folomkin decided to find yourself a courtyard and started with the chicken.It is one thing to decide, and their divorce?Therefore, he had to read a lot of literature and advice on the forum.As a result, he concluded that: you have to build a spacious, bright and warm chicken coop, and still need a place for walking bird.

Construction coop

under a chicken coop he defined space 2,4h3 Internal size (at the rate of 0.5 m2 per 1 chicken).A place for recreational leave 3,2h4 the rate of 1 m2 per chicken.According to his calculations on a rooster hens need to make 11-13.

Building of it started with pouring of the foundation 25 cm high. Then, on the floor in the henhouse poured concrete block and poured concrete foundation on a par with.Made of waterproof roofing material and put the walls of the blocks and bricks, to a height of 1.7 meters (recommended no more than 1.8), remaining after construction of the house.The roof of the lean-built metal (under it: tile, film, roofi
ng material and without insulation).

One window in the henhouse size - 0.5 by 0.8 meters made at the height of 60 cm from the floor, and the second on the east side, but at a height of 1.10.It is done to the sun fell on the roost.Door put an end house.

in the henhouse to the right he made a 3 tiered perch (pole - 4 to 5 cm, twisted at an angle of 90 degrees to the chickens were exactly).The distance between the poles - about 0.5-0.6 m, to the birds, sitting above is not "imposed" on those beneath them.

place to walk the birds built of mesh netting, the door also from a homemade wooden frame on the grid.

Here folomkin and built a chicken coop.It remains the case for small - to run the chickens ..

not known how long he would have bought the chickens, but came about by accident.It all began with the capture of stray kurёnka, and then he immediately went to the market and bought another 10 chickens and one rooster.

Perches he built at different heights, but chicken, somehow settled down at the top of about 1.2 m. From the floor.Maybe the cold at night, and they are heated together.Then folomkin decided to remake their perches and raised one level and the stairs did.So they are now and sleep on it.

Warming coop

By the winter, he decided to insulate the roof and bottom hem tape, and walked at the seams with foam, put insulated door.More spent the Electricity (2 sockets).1 - for light bulbs, 2 for electric convector.

insulated floor - lay floorboards, and the top covered with linoleum cloth to clean it easier.

Put chest for storing grain (old box from the subwoofer) for opening the grill grate attached to grains of not peck.For kormёzhki birds amassed box.

electricity spent from the house and set the timer, the light turns on a schedule from 7.30 to 10.00 and in the evening from 17.30 to 20.00.For the winter cold, he put the heater, which also included a timer (timer ordinary as for the aquarium).More

for cleanliness and floor insulation poured in a henhouse 5 cm layer of chips, and the street expanded clay, a little sand, broken glass and milled ash.Now they go neat and clean balls.

He noted that until the floor is insulated chips, the water froze in the henhouse and egg production has plummeted to 2-3 eggs per day.Although the light was.

bulb in the henhouse, he hung from the windows, that there was an imitation of the sun.And hanging in the window of the two boxes of eggs before they swept into it, now carrying another box, which is away from the light bulb ...

Egg production - an average of 6 eggs, and 8 in summer!

hens he feeds millet, and in the evening gives boiled potatoes and corn.More food they fall to the table.

Chickens eventually become accustomed to his house, and on weekends he lets them walk for a couple of hours.And to drive the bears back something to eat.

From experience

  • important not to overfeed!
  • not go to the chickens from 9.00 to 15.00.
  • And of course praise especially Cockerel.

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