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01 June 2016

top waterproofing membrane nailed kontrbrus 50x50 mm for ventilation of roof space, which put the crate of edging dyuymovka in increments of 35 cm between the centers of the boards - this is the standard distance for stacking metal Monterey purchased to cover the roof.

Over time, it became clear that the waterproofing membrane "Megafleks A2" of poor quality.During the winter it is stratified.In some places the waterproofing layer broke and moved away from the base fabric.And yet local titmouse their beaks have done it a lot of small holes.Spring s_e_s_h again will make the waterproofing of the roof from the inside between rafters.He was lucky that has not made the roof insulation.

for waterproofing roofs, use high-quality waterproof membrane, because it replaced the roof can not be indiscriminately.

Having crate roof, workers coloring cord pointed gables on the board that need to be shortened and cut them off.On crate bay went all trim dyuymovka.

gables and bolts

finished crate, started installation of vertical and horizontal crossbars, and then closed the gables.

ceiling height of the third floor s_e_s_h decided to make 3,5 m. For this he used a board edging 150h50 mm planed and established 8 crossbars at a distance of 270 cm from the floor.

Between rafters and beams s_e_s_h made and installed in a horizontal crossbar interference with the release of out 10 cm from the plane of the walls of the house so that the insulation walls smoothly into the roof insulation without the formation of thermal bridges.

Using edged boards 50h150 mm, working scaffolds made of gables.On the south pediment made openings into three windows.Above the second floor at the edges of the triangular window.In the center of a wide window - 120 cm with an arch at the top.On the north pediment began making large triangular picture window with a base width of 3 m - there will be a bedroom.

Also roof isolating film fixed on the pediments and obbili edging inch boards.Unedged board used in construction, carefully purified from the bark.

plan of the third floor is designed in such a way that covered the bay window in the bathroom through the skylight.The third floor will have five windows - one in the bathroom, one on the stairs, one bedroom and two in the nursery.

roofing roof

Pondering than cover the roof, s_e_s_h considering various options: composite shingles, shingles, and, of course, in different shapes and metal coating.But after reading articles on the forum "Home and Cottage" he paused for metal "Monterey" of Russian iron is not thinner than 0.5 mm with polyester coating.He took the model 3011 color catalog RAL - «red wine."He refused to cheap Chinese coatings because they are thin - 0,4-0,45 mm

While the roof was built, s_e_s_h found a company that is ready at any moment to lift ordered roofing with all fixing elements.

Before buying metal, make sure that its thickness is really consistent with what is stated in the store

Before buying a tile, the foreman made all the necessary measurements and calculate the length of additional elements taking into account theoverlaps.The length of the metal was 5.7 m. All sheets are specially ordered such a size that there was no horizontal seams.This will be more waste, but less holes from screws.

Roof valleys did not buy, and made ourselves from a good galvanized iron.We do not have to buy and a special ridge and valley sealant.

As a result, the foreman bought:

  • Purchased metal Monterrey width 1.1 (1.18) 180 sq m to 221 rubles.per square.Total - 39 951 rubles;
  • Horse roofing steel semi-circular 2 m long, 18 pcs.for 462 rubles.per Unit.Total - 8316 rubles;
  • Steel can end slat lpt 2 m, 14 pcs.for 347 rubles.PC.Total - 4858 rubles;
  • steel Cornice strip lr 2 m long, 15 pcs.for 211 rubles.PC.Total - 3165 rubles;
  • Steel pad valley lspl 2 m long, 8 pcs.for 393 rubles.PC.Total - 3144 rubles;
  • Galvanized sheet width of 1.25 m. 20 sq.m.165 rubles.per m. on roll - 3300 rubles;
  • aerator Roof ridge to ridge 3 semicircular pieces.380 rubles.Total - 1140 rubles.

Total spent - 63,875 rubles.

According s_e_s_h 8 screws per 1 recommended in the manual - a lot.As a result, he left a lot of them.Having a single sheet per 1 sq.m.spent 4-5 screws.

Delivery iron and accessories worth 1500 rubles.All the additional elements were brought in packaged form.Roofing iron rolls were heavy.After unloading his foreman I measured, and found that with the coating has a thickness of 0,65-0,7 mm.According to the foreman, he had never worked with such a good iron.

Roofing iron

began to close the roof on the west side.We did galvanized valley.Put aerators on the horse, they are designed for ventilation kitchen, bathroom and sewer riser.To seal the gaps between the ridge and aerators used weatherproof silicone sealant.Did chimney.For this sandwich purchased from stainless steel and the deflector.Livnёvku roof s_e_s_h decided not to do as the snow stop, left for later.

used for cutting metal grinder with a diamond disk.In no case can not be used for metal grinding wheels.

roof made exactly one month.A total roof area of ​​150 m2 in the first phase was spent - 170 000 rubles., Of which 55 000 rubles.for work, 64 000 rubles.- Metal on the roof, 22 000 rubles.- Board services, 9700 rubles.- Channel delivery and 20 000 rubles.- Consumables.

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