Ways to protect the foundation

By Admin | Building
01 June 2016

blind area - it is a kind of drainage, located at the base of the house, designed to protect the foundation of the building from the effects of external factors.Blind area can be made of various materials, but it must meet one important condition - complete their water resistance.

methods, techniques and materials to protect the building and its foundation from moisture, called waterproofing.The brick and stone structures begin to apply waterproofing at a height of 15-25 cm above the ground level.If the floorboards lay directly on the ground or lower the beam, then waterproofing materials is lowered to 5-15 cm below normal.

particular relevance to waterproofing allocated houses, which are also supplied with its own underground cellar.In such buildings waterproofing fit into 2 levels.The first level is - as usual a few centimeters above the ground level.The second layer is designed to prevent flooding of the basement, are beginning to be laid on the floor of the basement, or raise it to 10-15 cm awa

y from him and up to the level of the blind area.Consider

complete waterproofing the basement - the walls and floor, - more details

approach to this procedure may vary considerably depending on the level of groundwater at the site where the building is constructed.To begin, consider the most favorable and best option when the groundwater level below the level of the basement floor.

External walls of the basement is covered with two layers of hot bitumen.On the floor, things are a bit more complicated, since it is formed in the weeks and includes several layers of protective equipment.Initially, it is lined with a layer of clay 20-25 cm tightly compacted on top of which is filled with five-centimeter layer of concrete.Two weeks later, after complete hardening and curing the concrete of a solution is coated with mastic, which fits over the two layers of roofing material, which in turn re-poured concrete layer pyatisantimetrovym solution.Grabbing the concrete surface is coated with a solution of cement mixture, if desired, on top of which is permitted stacking wooden planks or tiles.

But what do you do when the ground water level above the floor level of the basement?If you do not want your house collapsed into the bowels of the earth, focusing on waterproofing the floor and walls.Please note that the butt joints floor walls must be sealed so-called "flexible lock", which is a tow soaked in molten mastic asphalt or bitumen.Waterproofing exterior walls raised to 50 cm above the groundwater level.If necessary, for example, at very high water, waterproofing may howl formed as a layered cake: first used clay over its concrete waterproofing description itself, which is filled with grout.

in new buildings in basements build in windows to increase light and give some sense of comfort and coziness.However - this is a weak spot, which is particularly vulnerable to the effects of moisture.Try to avoid this drawback.To do so: on the outside of the window niche deepen in the ground and place her stone or brick, it is recommended to install a window visor to drain rainwater.

Many people know that mold - another means that one of the functions - to protect the foundation from the effects of climate, wind and moisture.A larger volume of casing filled with a cement mortar 1: 3 or 1: 4, which are stacked on top of waterproofing.

As such insulation in the formwork may be used various materials.It may be a second layer of grout with a ratio of 1 to 2. The good insulation of water can serve several sloёm roofing or roofing material.For the same purpose use special mastic, made from pine resin and 0.5 to 1 lime or chalk resin and 1 to 1. Moreover, the layer of mastic should be at least 0.7 cm.

top foundation or plinth also isolatemoisture.To this end, the surface covered with a layer of mastic, which is laid roofing felt or roofing material.Then put the second layer of mastic material and the web.When using roofing mastic is recommended based on dёgte, while roofing material - on bitumen.

If you decided to build a wooden structure, no harm will be safe and make your house that says, for centuries.It is better to build just two layers of waterproofing - and on the foundation and basement.So you almost completely prevent the lower logs podgnivanie and underground premises.

If the foundation is being built is not monolithic, and is made up of relatively small bricks, stones and boulders, each layer must be carefully aligned and plastered with a spatula or trowel.This will reduce the degree of moisture passing through the gaps between the constituent elements of the foundation