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01 June 2016
plot, acquired Nuf-Nuf small - only 15 acres.In it and in the adjacent areas are large pine trees.Neighbors have not yet begun to be built, so the impression of spaciousness.

Nuf-Nuf built his house on frame technology in the style of "modernized chateau."The size of the house 350 sq.m.and it is intended for year-round use.The house has central water and own well, heating - "air gas" on the main gas central sewage.

The house

Initially, it was planned to build a brick house, but later it converted into a frame technology.The architects had to make maximum use of space at home and avoid the corridors.Planning decisions have remained almost the same, but because of the economy have reduced a little house and a second floor attic made.


foundation for this house, and to be precise, the ground floor was raised in 1994 from the foundation blocks and was intended for the house of bricks.Although simple in 10 years, he has perfectly preserved (soil - sand).

Before the construction of the fo
undation and tweaked only slightly warmed.At the moment, this is the full first floor of the house with water heated floors.

In the process of designing the ground floor of 120 sq.m.square fit: technical rooms, cold storage cellar, workshop, laundry room, sauna with a small pool, garage.

The appearance of the house

eastern facade of the house faces the entire area.On this side of the house are: a summer kitchen, a winter garden with a large outdoor terrace, windows, porch and living room balcony bedroom.

From the southern facade of the courtyard watching: skylights bedrooms, a winter garden and a dining room window.

The western fa├žade is the main entrance to the house.There is also a garage, carport, bedroom window, kitchen window and a stained glass window stairs.

the north bay leaves with three large windows office.

Wall Decoration

for interior and exterior home Nuf-Nuf used a board that simulates Bursa, a width of 180 mm.The thickness of the plaque outside the house of 45 mm and 30 mm inside.Installation of the board is made on 20mm crate for special technology accurately simulates overlogging bar-shaped house.

This technology includes half boards in slots one another, and can be obtained robust and precise angles.Which reinforces the construction of the house.

All work carried out on site templates.The error 6m board is plus or minus 2 mm.The ends of the wall of the closed timber fascia boards to protect against rot.Fasteners boards hidden.Screws are only visible on the front board.All boards are processed in three layers means "Teksturol Tiksi."

Facing basement

For facing ground floor Nuf-Nuf used natural stone.He pasted it on the coat with plaster and glue all joints.Natural stone has been used in many places, both inside the house and outside.To do this, use heat-frost waterproof glue - "Lock".

facing stone for effect, he covered the nail stone.The gloss of the varnish lasts about a month, and then remains the effect of "wet stone".

little about the balconies and verandas

Many believe that the balconies and verandas of wooden houses have created the problem - the house starts syret.And according Nuf-Nuf, one of the advantages of houses located outside the city, and is an opportunity at any moment to leave the room and get some fresh air.

To this end, he made a large balcony, which has outputs of two bedrooms and a loggia, which leaves the door of the third bedroom.On the attic floor there are two combined porches with access from living room and from the winter garden.Large veranda was designed as a continuation of the winter garden.In the summer it is transferred from the premises of the plant.With a small porch you can walk down the stairs to the summer kitchen, which is located under a large veranda.

Construction Technology veranda

Before the construction of the porch all designs are required to attend an antiseptic treatment at least twice.

first for the construction of the porch around the house are installed side (11) and front (12) board thickness 40-50 mm.Then, on the girders (6) laid subfloor of DSP (5) with a slope for water drainage.To drain the water on the outer edge of the DSP fixed Drip (10).If you are planning a large veranda, there is a reason to do the drain.

With bitumastic bonded waterproofing (4).It should be noted that the structure must be adhered to the wall of the house at 10-15 cm, as shown in figure (9).Bituminous mastic is convenient because when exposed to heat, it fills all the holes that might appear in the future by installing screws.

on waterproofing attached lag screws (3), which are made with a slope for water drainage.On lags glued another layer of waterproofing - reinforced plastic film (2).And on top is put the finishing floor decking (1) with 5-8 mm gaps between them to facilitate the flow of water.

To manufacture the verandah was used larch, and for fastening of all parts - stainless screws that are used for the construction of wooden boats.

Near to the house wall board is attached only to the logs.It is necessary to raise and sometimes it clear the space between roughing and finishing sex.Below the balcony sheathed finishing boards (7).

As the house is heated

in his home Nuf-Nuf established American equipment Goodman.While operating the furnace for heating and subsequently install the module for cleaning, moistening and air conditioning.To install all the equipment you need a good specialist with experience, who knows all the details of the installation.

Nuf-Nuf said what to do "air heating" is, provided that the installation is carried out by experts and the technology fits into the technology of building homes.

When using "air heating" the average annual payment for gas for heating and boiler house was 1000 rubles.per month.The house is about 360 sq.m.area.In cold weather, it heated the whole house, including the basement.The residential part of the temperature of 22C and 18C in the basement.

Summer kitchen

summer kitchen is located under a large veranda.Its area is 32 sq.mKitchen floor tiled with natural stone.The kitchen is accessible from the ground floor with veranda.To her summed and hot and cold running water, central sewerage and electricity.The kitchen stove is used for bottled gas.

The kitchen has a work desk with a sink, a table-plate - both designs are made of clinker brick and tiled with ceramic tiles.There is an outdoor barbecue with a chimney, used for cooking gas and electric stoves.All equipment is made in compliance with fire safety regulations.In place of eating a dining table with benches.All the furniture is made of larch

little about chimneys and ventilation pipes

pipes "of sandwich" type of fire and gas equipment are in chimney shafts, which are lined with stone.Chimney caps are made of a DSP and a heat-resistant painted enamel.

The house Nuf-Nuf four bathrooms and one sewage risers.One of the tubes is the output for the three bathrooms and a kitchen.For the fourth large bathrooms made a separate tube that is connected to a common riser and is equipped with its hood.Ventilation ducts made of asbestos-cement pipes and DSPs.

on sewer riser is the vacuum valve, all wet rooms are equipped with emergency ladders.

More designers home is not advised to put the lightning rod system.They motivate their arguments that the wooden house with a soft roof to be surrounded by tall trees, and if you make a lightning rod, it itself would attract lightning.

ventilation hoods Therefore it was decided to make the DSP boards - both non-flammable material and not subject to weathering.The assembly was carried out with screws or liquid nails.Some items are subjected to milling in the manner of forged products.

Why Nuf-Nuf chosen frame house

When selecting the project for construction of houses, the customer of the project, first of all, think about your financial situation, and only then remembers personal preferences and the appropriateness of a particular technology.

Everyone knows that many living abroad are not in their homes and change them like a glove.For them it is a matter of course - the norm.And it's not just their mentality.Houses there are constructed from pre-fabricated technologies irrespective of the materials conventionally designed for a certain period.

money they spend is not the thickness of the walls, but on convenience and comfort.Put the latest equipment, making a beautiful finish, planting flowers and arrange the lawn.They are not trying to build a house for ages, because now the technology is advancing rapidly, and for the house of their grandchildren in the future may seem outdated.

In Russia, the situation is different - here prefer to build a house for the ages ...

Nuf-Nuf when selecting the project gave preference to the expediency of construction technology.He wanted the house to look good in the forest was less officious and easy to look at, and in architectural terms - traditional and cozy.

He decided to build a wooden house, but due to financial reasons chosen frame technology (good thick lumber is expensive), but with a finish that completely mimics a real bar.

Many Finnish companies to build houses on a similar technology - inside and outside the thick board, in the middle of the insulation.And to create the impression of the bar-shaped house on the corners to cut the stumps sticking out of the timber.

So, assessing the pros and cons, Nuf-Nuf opted for this technology - the symbiosis karkasnika and Finnish home.

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