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01 June 2016

Tips from irusya8

  • Before pouring the foundation is better to prepare a place for draining residual concrete from the mixer, which can be used immediately to fill anything.For example, a track.
  • When doing floor plan when calculating the bathroom, consider the size of the tiles, you're going to put in the room, otherwise your intended design will be cut.
  • not install windows and doors in the cold.irusya8 is installed in his house in the autumn of 18 windows.Then it was freezing, froze windows installers.Then she felt sorry for them and then reaped the fruits of self-pity - from skewing one window cracked glass of the windows had to re zapenivat, one of the entrance doors out of the loop.
  • Before pouring the foundation, be sure to consider how would look like the entrance to the house.In irusya8 project entrance to the house I was without a porch, and when it was built, it became clear that it was necessary to build a porch.Due to the steps of the house it becomes more interesting.Also very convenien
    t to have a porch.For example - on the porch without entering the house, you can change clothes dirty shoes.
  • When you build a porch, we can not tie it tightly to the house.The fact is that during the temperature difference between home and porch gap appears periodically.

Tips from sergei666

  • when building interior walls, sergei666 offered spouse (intuitively wanted) wall up in the corners of rooms pieces of pipe D10 cm. To have just in case, small holes.But her husband did not want to, and as a result had to punch all the brick wall thickness of 25 cm each for pipes to the batteries.
  • If possible, place the antenna to the TV until construction is not finished.It may be that the place where you would like to install an antenna, you is not available.Of course, if there is extra money, you can order a lift.
  • If you build a brick house, and want to install on the window lattice, preset in the window opening pieces of rebar.Then, after the construction of the house, you can take the lattice and simply welded to the mortgage fixture.In sergei666 house painted in red and white tones and therefore advises painted grille in bright colors.They become easy and delicate.
  • still at the stage of the project is necessary to consider not only the layout of the entire house, but do not forget about the furniture that you are going to buy something or other premises.As a result, you will have enough space for all the things and will have fewer problems and experiences in this regard on arrival home.

Tips from Maxim.for those who are building blocks of

  • If you have the foundation not quite smooth and vertical drop of about 5 cm, it is not necessary to do the leveling screed.The difference in height, you can align the blocks, whittle them as needed.
  • halves blocks and angular fragments need to do in advance on the ground.Their height is better to make 13.5-14 cm, and then the underlying solution to bring up to 15 cm.
  • corner blocks should be put strictly vertically and horizontally.
  • reinforcement blocks technology TISE better to use basalt rods 4 mm.They do not lend themselves to rust.
  • constantly monitor the verticality and evenness of the walls.Later, when they finish, plaster consumption will be minimal.
  • If the walls raises less than three masons, concrete mixer (130 liters) is not necessary, because one person does not have time to work out that amount of solution.

Tips from Fishka Lee

  • When building a house, do not leave for the winter box house without a roof.It is very important if you are applying in the construction of highly porous hygroscopic material.
  • No need for guests to increase the area of ​​the house twice, because they do not come so often.And if you are sure to want to spend money, build something that actually improve your life in the country - a gazebo, terrace, sauna.
  • Do not forget about waterproofing - separate the dissimilar materials waterproofing layer (w / w foundation must be separated by a brick pedestal and base of, for example, concrete blocks).
  • not apply for the construction of the foundation plinth or sand-lime brick.For this is the best concrete or ceramic brick.
  • When concrete is poured on the ground to do the next cake.On the ground poured sand 10-15 cm, 5-10 cm schebёnka, concrete.Concrete should not be thinner than 4 cm. Sand and schebёnku need to stamp, and if trambuete sand by hand, be sure to spill his water.
  • better to save on shipping and Works, but not on the quality of the material.
  • Well look at home with a high plinth and roof with roof slope of 45 degrees.
  • Many of those who have their own house, believe that living in a house with high ceilings and much more comfortable than the low.
  • Before choosing the color of the roof, windows and doors, locate the appropriate color for the front of the house.All other colors must be chosen for him.On the interior is even more difficult.Therefore, in order to choose the right combination of colors (furniture, curtains and wall paint) vozite with samples of these materials.

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