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01 June 2016

Member Forum "Home and Cottage" Volodya turned to Alex Company for help in building a house.It was necessary to build a cheap but spacious home for permanent residence, to even have enough space for visiting relatives.

before turning to Alex Company Volodya wanted to build a house on the project Zikkurata-Dmitry, but first changed the size and layout of the house.When did the initial breakdown of the foundation in the area, it would seem, on paper, a decent project was worthless.

Conclusion In no case can not change the design of the architect, not having a clue about architecture and construction.

When Volodya turned to Alex West, he proposed the project, modifying it to the requirements of Volodya and positioned correctly relative to the cardinal and neighbors.After thinking for a few days, Volodya agreed to the draft.

House plan

design designed home is quite simple and the construction of the house will cost relatively inexpensive, considering Moscow price for the construction and

building materials.The fact that construction companies offered to build a house of 9x10 m with two floors for 3-4 million, not including materials.

Downstairs Alexey Company has designed a spacious lounge and two bedrooms, each floor has left one spacious and comfortable bathrooms, and the second due to increased area of ​​the bedrooms.On the second floor there is a shallow staircase, on which it is easy to walk the elderly and children, and on the second floor there are four bedrooms.The roof will be hipped to do of metal.First, the tower did not want to do, but with time it planned.

home decoration will make of the DSP.Top plaster, putty and wallpaper and tile in the bathrooms.The ceilings are all made of plasterboard.The floors are made of laminate on screed, and put the tile in the bathrooms.The house is heated by a gas boiler.

The property is supplied with a weak central water pressure, so a storage tank is made.

do the project, Vladimir asked Alex Company to make estimates of future home with different types of foundation, walls and roof, and as a result, I decided to make the plate with insulated plinth.

house building

beginning construction at the entrance to the site was covered with a concrete slab area 13h5 m. With two-layer reinforcement and powerful reinforcement ribs on the loaded areas.This is done to ensure that the concrete mixers can drive and pour the foundation.After the construction of the house is a place to be used as a garage.

Construction started with the foundation of sand cushion.For this poured sand 25 cm and stamped it, and then were laid two layers of roofing material over which tied rebar.The bottom row of reinforced slabs of 12 mm, 10 mm and the upper rod.Reinforced cell has a size of 20x20 cm.

then poured monolithic plate with stiffeners under all walls 25x40 cm, and with it the blind area, as a whole.The foundation of the perimeter Penoplex warmed at a distance of one meter from the bearing wall.

Due to the fact that the groundwater level is high, made the foundation platform for reliability.And to be able to make a cellar and store food in it, it was decided to make a base meter height.

formwork was used the plinth board 50x200 mm.Reinforcement meter plinth was made of 12 mm rebar in the three layers of two lines.The thickness of the walls is 20 cm, and used as a heater shestisantimetrovy penoplex.

Under internal partitions houses were made of concrete supporting columns 30x30 cm. Of 20 pcs., And the top filled monolithic slab thickness of 16 cm with a two-layer reinforcement.On the other floors were filled with the same monolithic floor slabs.

Pie wall

for the construction of the walls have bought a double roughing the Upper brick brickworks.On it is secured with plastic fungi in two layers bazaltovolokonnaya Klimovsk wool production, then 5 cm air gap and facing brick plant Golitsyn color "straw."The partitions in the house have a thickness of floor brick.

total on the first stage of construction of the house was spent 850 000 rubles.With this money was built:

1. Access area the size 5h13 m - is monolithic reinforced slabs 16 cm with reinforcement ribs 30x40 cm.
2. The foundation for the house size 9,1h12 m. In this part of the bottom plate thickness of 23 cm togetherwith a powerful meter-wide blind area as a whole.Reinforcement plate bilayer, 12 and 16 mm fittings.We made the foundation reinforcement ribs on all main walls and partitions.
3. Base meter height with insulation.
4. Solid ceiling 9x12 m thickness of 16 cm. With a two-layer reinforcement.
5. Spent water and sewer pipes in two different tranches and manufacturing sanitary pit.
6. The cost of the wooden formwork, which is later used to fill a monolithic slab, timber and roof.

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