Construction of the house and soil analysis

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01 June 2016
Planning section

is important to think in advance is not just about how a new building fits in the overall landscape surrounds the house, but also any additional buildings you wish to see in the area.Perhaps you have long been dreaming of a unique chopped bath, some Japanese-style gazebo or even on a separate house for the manufacture of barbecue.For example, if you have kids or you're going to increase the composition of the family, you need to allocate space for a future playground.The territory of the children's bedroom necessarily be separated from potentially dangerous areas, such as public swimming pools and ponds.

Care must be taken on how to arrange all kinds of construction, thus, that these buildings do not interfere with each other, if you want to get a good solid house and visit the forum for the construction and repair, it is best to help you to the start of construction of the building.Keep in mind that this issue is not the final role to play your own habits.Before you finally decide
on the position of all objects on the site, be sure to invite experts on landscape design and architectural design.The specialist will help you make a single, harmonious space, in this space, you will not just live comfortably, but also very nice to invite guests.

geology of the site and the chemical examination of soil

Before the construction of the building is necessary to make a geological analysis of the area, which is set aside for development.Like it or not, it is necessary to carefully analyze the soil in the area for the presence and exact location of the underground ground water: how deep the waters are located, and how in the future may affect the construction of the house, and the subsequent operation of the building.

addition to groundwater need to pay attention to seasonal rainfall, which are characteristic of the area, and found the possibility of the so-called flood waters.With this information in advance, will prevent a significant number of issues that arise as a result of these circumstances, it is, of course, will only allow to increase literacy and rationality scatter material resources are set aside for the construction of the future building.This information will affect, of course, on the order of operation of construction machinery and general conduct of work.

The foundation of the house

Do you have everything you need in order to start in time for the initial phase of construction of the house - to lay the foundation of the structure.When laying the foundation of a building in the first place should pay attention to soil themselves.If this loam, the foundation of the house can be done without any extra frills and "shamanism".This is the kind of foundation of the house, which is used almost in every project documentation.However, be aware that the most important correctness bookmarks, iesolely on the implementation of its drawing in the technology.

If your area has soils with a predominance of sand, need to reflect on the specially reinforced foundation.For example, you can easily increase the foundation of the building, to make it a little deeper or "a spreading", further adding Kisoni.Such techniques are used to strengthen the home and prevent progress of the foundation, in both planes - both horizontal and vertical.If your summer cottage is dominated by the notorious "swampy" soils, shaky, unsteady, with great predominance of the water, it is probably better to abandon the construction of houses in the area.But if you still decided to try their luck and do not want to abandon the construction of the house, even though such a harsh sentence imposed experts geological investigation, foundation of the house as much as possible should be calculated carefully.In this case it is necessary to lay the foundation pile foundation with a bond between a metal piles.You can also add a horizontal plate, which acts as Kisoni.It is important to stay on the project structure with a minimum number of storeys, but, as experts say, the total area of ​​construction in this case is not decisive.

Still, each of the above situations, try not to forget about the only "but" that is inherent in all soil types: for a correct and durable waterproofing the basement at home you need to take into account the aggressive environment of soils.Different soils have different chemical compositions, which greatly affects the waterproofing layer of soil.It is important to remember that when the first layer deforms soil, all the other layers, anyhow, is required to be subjected to chemical attack.