Select and build a wooden house

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01 June 2016
of wood, a material that will help us to forget the concrete jungle of the city.But immediately the question arises: "And from a tree to build, and what you need to know to build correctly?»

All variety of offerings on the market of wooden housing construction is reduced to almost three options:
  • house of chopped logs (log);
  • house from timber or logs;
  • house skeleton-shield;

House chopped.

This is the most eco-friendly home.Living in them is not only safe, but also useful.Breathable wall of the house in constant humidity conditions in the premises, creating a microclimate that is useful to the human body, relieve stress.

walls of the wooden house may be made of chopped wood (pine, fir, larch, cedar).

at the same high quality of manufacture of the walls of a wooden house from a bar, cylindering or chopped logs, most preferably the use of chopped logs.Compared with timbers or "cylindering" is a log has much better performance as the most durable top layer of wood is not cut off.

In the manufacture of chopped wooden house should be used only healthy wood without rotting and worm holes.The logs for the log should be straight, run away with not more than 1 cm to one meter long.The diameter of the timber as possible, should be equal to the difference at the ends of not more than 3 cm.The thickness of logs should allow to obtain the necessary, on the climatic conditions of the region, the width of the longitudinal slots (for the Moscow region at least 14cm).Typically used for log logs with a diameter of 20 to 28 cm. Humidity logs should not exceed 80-90%, which is achieved by a winter log house manufacturer.The lower humidity timber, the less they will deform and crack under natural drying in the assembled building.Final (final) finishes chopped house made through one or two years.This is due to the fact that during the drying of timber logs are reduced dimensions in the longitudinal direction of about 0.1% and transversely - 3-6%.

very responsible operation in finishing wall chopped home is konopatka external and exterior walls.Although the use of modern sealers not to allow konopatku or easy to fix the consequences of its substandard performance.

home from the bar.

houses collected from timber, less labor-intensive and do not require high-end professionals.Calibrated timber (including "cylindering") simplifies assembly, but, unfortunately, does not make the construction of the house cheaper than a house of chopped logs.Their cost is much higher.
beam usually has a lower moisture content, and consequently the walls of the timber are less susceptible to shrinkage as compared with log.The size of timber for temperatures down to -30 ° C should be not less than 150 mm (thickness of wall).

Compared to the log walls of the timber have a serious drawback: horizontal seam between bars to get wet more than the oval slot in the log cabin.True, this disadvantage is eliminated or beveled 20x20 mm., Or outside wall cladding or clapboard siding, or the use of shaped timber.

Currently became widely used laminated board, which is recruited from the boards, lamella thickness of 40-50mm.Before bonding to a board, each of them separately in special drying kilns.

outer lamella boards, must be made from the outside, a dense layer of wood, and the interior may be formed of a soft core.Connect the slats together with waterproof glue.

When assembling the walls of the timber it's parts, like log logs, stacked on insulation materials.In the corners of the boards can be connected to as "residue" and "without a trace."For the strength of the assembly used indigenous spikes, which also reduces the air flow through the walls.
Bruce as logs in log cabin, height fasten pegs.

Frame-panel houses.

technology wood-frame house was known in Russia before.But modern technology of wood-frame housing is based on a different, modern materials.They allow to separate the functions of structural parts of frame-panel walls of the carrier, enclosing and heat insulating.In this connection, the wall of the house have a layered structure.

At the beginning of the construction of the frame is constructed of edged board with a pitch of 600mm.This is the standard size of almost all types present in our wound construction materials, insulation.For a house with an attic size uprights and horizontal studs can be 40-50mmH100-150mm.And if you intend to live in the house in the winter, the width of the rack should be at least 150mm, because the thickness of insulation, are laid in the frame should be at least 150mm (for Moscow region).

Outside frame is sheathed OSB boards or waterproof plywood, and it has already mounted vapor-permeable membrane (eg plastic Tuvek), which protects the structure from wind and water while letting moisture vapor from inside.This membrane allows moisture to freely leave the wood and insulation to the street that support insulation and wood frame dry.

Finishing the facade of the house can be made of decorative plaster, siding, face brick or other modern materials.

In Canada, building wooden houses are up to 5 floors, according to Russian fire safety standards is allowed no more than two floors.

As already mentioned, is placed inside the frame insulation (mineral, basalt wool, expanded polystyrene foam, a mixture of sawdust with cement and lime, etc.).Then the skeleton inside the house closed vapor retarding film.This is due to the fact that a pair of moisture contained in the warm air inside the house, tend to penetrate into the region of low temperatures on the street through the walls, and this can lead to wetting insulation and a sharp reduction in its heat-protective properties as well as the formation of mold and rotting wooden frame foci.

Finishing is carried out inside the walls with sheets of drywall (plasterboard), lining etc ..

Advantages of wood-frame house:
  • relatively low cost;
  • light weight that allows you to use them under the less massive foundations;
  • small construction time;
  • high operational performance.The operational life of the building wood-frame structure is 30-50 years old, with proper selection of wood and its treatment;
  • high energy efficiency;
  • high enough environmental;