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01 June 2016
NickB in 2009 decided to build a bath on his summer cottage.I gather information.Based on the completed projects on the Internet, I drew and designed a bath.

decide on a project, he began calling the company engaged in construction of baths, so he knew the order of prices and services offered to them.

After a while he realized that the majority of small firms engaged in the collection of orders for large firms, which is located in Pestovo, Novgorod Region.

These small firms are taking a bath in Pestovo for a certain cost, and build them a turnkey basis, that is yourself, how eager complement her stove, water tank, metal and other small things and control the entire process of building and set their own rates for services.

this crisis year, construction costs have fallen, and it was easier to find builders.As a result, he went searching for a company that built a bath for the same price as the others, but suggested further: instead of the frame walls made of lumber, an additional top up to the crow
n height of the ceiling and an additional 2.20 lower crown of timber 15x15.

bath he wanted to build in a short time from 7-15 July, so as a material chosen profiled planed timber.

Construction bath

the appointed day, on schedule at 7 am came the builders, along with their machine with the material.Brigade - two people - Nicholas, the master assembly and his assistant.

brought back material - timber 10x15 cm smooth to the touch, dry and not rotten, lining for bath conifers and aspen to the steam room, a bar and a log for rafters, doors, windows -good quality, and boards for sub-floor and roof sheathing crude and blue.Had NickB board spray from the sprinkler Senezh ultra.

Throughout the construction workers do not sit back and worked the whole day from 9 to 23 night with breaks for lunch.

First they marked out the site.Under the foundation of the future of the pit dug 13 cm 45h45h60 size pieces. They made a bed of gravel-sand mixture, stamped, set the columns of blocks.As a result of improper marking had to move several columns, as they stand on the key points of the lower crown.

in the process of laying the first crown of timber revealed that treatment with an antiseptic in the contract is not registered and executed for the extra money.Had NickB agree with that, and the whole process to timber and boards antiseptic Neomid 450, and at the same time he negotiated the cost of additional work on the organization of the water draining out of the bath.

NickB To make it easier to process timber, workers went to meet him, and when moving to the place of unloading timber, first brought to NickB processing antiseptic, and then taken away for the construction of a bath.

weather during the assembly was good and frame assembled in two days.This was collected on nails 200 mm with recessed last 5 mm deep timber.This is to ensure that, after shrinkage lumber nails do not climbed out.Between the timbers accurately Staley flax-jute cloth.

Erection of roof

At the appointed time the car came to a metal tile, but then it turned out that somorezy for fixing the wrong color, and that around Peter not, therefore brought spray paint to paint them.

started to close the roof, but after it covered, it turned out that they brought, they did just 20 cm, although they could and more, the amount of material allowed to do this, but since they are not in the contract stipulates had nothing to say.And there will be more rain and wet frame gables.

with balusters of the verandah also did not order - brought 9 pcs.with one pattern, and 11 pieces.with other.Long NickB thought how beautiful their place, but the workers do not know about his plans, nailed them on their own, then they fight.Swap balusters NickB did not, but he decided that if he was tired, he will come off and they will beat again on its own.

the stove, too, had to tinker.The fact that the contract does not unambiguously specify how it is placed.A standard installation does not involve the construction of a brick wall around the furnace tunnel - so it's extra work for some money.

of electricity in the contract not, the price agreed to the construction of a bath.All work on the electrification baths were well made.

Cant make a bad floor in the wash.We called the builders, they promised to drive and fix the marriage.
arrived two months and did everything as it should be.

As a result, build a sauna with a terrace, a steam room, washing, and a relaxation room.In the bath heater installed Ermak Elite 16T.For an hour warming up to 40 liters of hot water and can be washed, and to warm up, you need to wait another half hour.The bath can be washed with amenities 2-3.

Fears that the room is not big to heat during cold weather did not materialize.At a temperature of -18 degrees Celsius in the street, in the steam room after 2 hours of firing 85 degrees, and the heat in the washing 30.The lounge is an oil heater in the vat 75 and heats the room to 15 degrees Celsius.

Cost bath

Under the contract the construction of a bath tub with a stove and a cost of 256 thousand rubles.And if you add the extra work, the cost has exceeded 300 thousand rubles.

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