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01 June 2016
plot at the dacha mikhalich solid sand.From the structure of a small two-story house, which stands on the curbstone for 12 years, and with him during this time nothing happened.So he decided not to waste money and, once again pondering the construction of the house size 9x9 and a maximum of two floors, mikhalich after some thought otmёl and monolithic plate and strip and stopped on the pier foundation.


Following this decision, he gained the fall drill and drilled four holes in one and a half meters deep, but this enthusiasm and good weather ended, and he postponed the construction site for the next season.

next construction season began in June.Of the four drilled holes he found and resuscitated twice, but all he left nasverlit 23 holes.Drilling speed manual drill was very small, and require a lot of power, so to end the unpleasant and hard work it took to hire augers and one day hard to do all of the remaining 23 holes for the pier foundation.

house project

While being out of seaso
n, and winter came, mikhalich was looking for a house project, which would have pleased him.First of all, he wanted this project frame house, so that you can build yourself about inviting friends and relatives to severe stages of construction.

search results on one of the US sites found multiple images at home, which he liked.After some changes and additions he made a sketch of the hand that he needs it - one big room-kitchen-living room, bedroom, children and, as expected, toilet and bathroom.

As a result, prior to construction mikhalich had: land, house sketch, made by hand, but the drawing is not working, and of communications in the country - electricity and old plumbing.

Fill foundation

on his site height difference of 70 cm, which means I had to do the formwork.For its erection he bought the board - cheap and cheerful.Formwork made only above the ground, the board fixed the screws.The foundation reinforced 10 mm valves.The insulation between the soil (sand) and concrete did.Top formwork made strictly on the level.

To strengthen the formwork before pouring sprinkled it with sand, and the inside paved roofing material.And to make it easier to pour, he built a chute through which supplied concrete for the foundation curling bars.At the end of June, he ordered a mixer - 4 cubes of concrete.

poured concrete from the mixer to the trough and driven by shovels, immediately flows into the hole for the foundation.On the last row of holes the length of the trough is not enough, so the concrete began to carry garden wheelbarrow.During pouring from every orifice on just two burst formwork, and the rest are well weathered fill.All 27 holes pier foundation he and his friends filled at a time.

After pouring a foundation with a clear conscience, he went on vacation.

Bottom rail

For the construction of the sill, he bought timber section 200x100 mm.Bruce It is attached to the foundation anchors and each other corners "Bilar".

In the search bar to the sill, he spent a lot of time.Tree in the markets was not enough, and that was offered, did not like the price or quality.As a result, timber acquired in Zvenigorod.

Since the market was not enough variety, it all fasteners - angles, anchors, nails - purchased on the Internet at "Bilar".The store is a good choice and the prices are not too high.

purchased materials
  • Beam 200x100 mm - 7 m / 3;
  • boards 200x50 mm - 6 m / 3;
  • boards 150h50 mm - 4 m / 3;
  • Corner perforated - 200 pieces;
  • OSB 10 mm - 64 sheets;
  • crate on board and bar on kontrobreshёtku;
  • Nails thick OSB with a wide hat.
tools used to build a house
  • at work applies: Allen saw Metabo with wire up to 300 mm;
  • Jigsaw Hilty;
  • Chainsaw;
  • Drill;
  • Punch;
  • portable circular saw.
  • During construction, it is usually used wooden ladders.

drawings for construction of a house he did not have just a few sketches on a pad with dimensions.Walls has decided to lift with a friend.But the work was not easy.The task was to raise the wall - a trapezoid with a height of 2.5 m to 4.2 m and a length of 9 meters.The thickness of the boards of 150h50 mm, and they are not very dry.

As it turned out, in practice, using all possible levers to raise.Initially, the construction itself, divided into two parts going on the floor and rises in two steps.Lift was scary, but thanks to the well thought-out process, everything went well.Two segment of the walls were raised, strengthened and interconnected.

before lifting the first segments of the wall, he recorded its size and a second wall made similar to the first.Third blank back wall, but it can be made an emergency exit into the yard.It is also collected on the floor and then raised together and attached to the upper wall trim.

forests they did not have, so they used the box.To secure the two ends of it was enough.Then applied staircase wall was set vertically and connected to the harness.

The back wall of the penalty three of them were not able to raise, so to facilitate the rise of a wall made of three key segments and raised, and then insert the rest of the rack and make-ups.Thus, they are placed one wall per day.

front wall, like everyone else, were collected on the floor and lifted from the inside.The first attempt was unsuccessful - the wall leaned and caught on the side walls, so it had to carefully lower.Then try a second time, and this time they were lucky.After all the walls were geometry measurements, vertical and still thoroughly fixed time together.

As a result, according to neighbors, turned box, which eventually was called "cute little shed."

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