Where is the best in the area to build a house?

By Admin | Building
01 June 2016

How to place a house on the site - in the central part of the site or, on the contrary, far from the road?The answer to this question depends primarily on the terrain on which you have decided to build a house, and, of course, because it is you want to place near your home.

Typically, sunny area of ​​the garden is designed for fruit trees, vegetable garden, greenhouse.There, where the sun gets less, can be placed ornamental shrubs, lawns, planted hardy flowers that do not require abundant sunlight.At the opposite side of the building from the sun and outbuildings, utility room.Here success can be equipped with a barbecue.

Basically, gable houses are built to the street and a short distance from the road.So the house is located, it is able to create a cozy patio, inaccessible to prying eyes.In addition, the house, which is close to the road to protect the patio from the noise and dust.

But what to do if your site for the house is located on a slope?On the slope, located in the south it is best to b

uild a house at the highest point.On the slopes, located on the east or west, home is also better positioned at the highest point, but the northern border area.In that case, if you were "lucky" to have a site down to the north, the house should be placed as close as possible to the western border, in the middle of the slope, it is desirable for bedding.

If the area of ​​your site is narrow, it is best to build a house in the shortest border.Thus, you will have the opportunity to rationally use the rest of the land - an area located in front of the house expand visually plot becomes harmonious, and the garden will be located in the optimal for its landing site.Do not forget that there are local restrictions on the location of the houses.When building a house is required to consider the level of groundwater and, if necessary - drain the land.

The level of groundwater and other information can be obtained from the district architect, but do not neglect and self-clarify all your questions.All data required to double-check and verify their accuracy.In late summer, it is necessary to dig up as close as possible to the border of the pit depth of two meters.Soon to appear in the pit water - your task is to measure the distance from the water level to the edge of the pit, if the distance is less than one meter - a site should be dry, if less than one and a half meters - drainage recommended