A fence of corrugated board

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01 June 2016
Development area, he decided to start with the construction of the fence of corrugated board.In order to properly make the fence, on the Internet, he read many articles on the subject.At the same time collecting information bought and brought to the site shed, acquired various tools: generator, screwdriver, drill, welder, etc.

pole setting

And on April 28 started the construction of the fence.Along the perimeter of the length of the sostavlyaet180 meters.On the front side, he wants to make a deaf fence made of corrugated board, and on the back - mesh netting.

Development area, he began to clean it on the perimeter of the grass, that is, where will the fence should be all clear.Then the land marked out and began to establish the pillars for the future of the fence.Construction did not start from the front and from the back side to gain experience.To install the pillars he bought a manual drill 160th and began to drill wells.

On his site mostly sandy soil, so it is the first well drill
ed by means of the extension to a depth of 1.5 m in just 8 minutes.Total for the night from 16 hours. 20 hours. He drilled on the rear side portion 8 holes using a 3 m, set in their posts and concreted.Concreting pillars he made no ruberoidnyj shirt.

The next day he got up with difficulty, but he had to go and buy profile pipes 60x60 mm for mounting the rear gate.It is conveniently shaped tubes welded hinges and fasteners.On this day, he has established 11 posts.Installing the poles went quickly and without delay, and in two days he put the 30 pillars, that is exactly half of the site.At the same time, he noted that it was easy to drill, and concrete batch was spent a lot of effort.

for the post he bought a tube diameter of 60 mm at a thickness of 3-4 mm metal.Post bury a half meters.In poured a little hole with sand schebёnki to post stood upright, watered and compacted.Then stir the concrete and fill the hole.The depth of concrete is about 1-1.2 m. The installation of the pillars alone spent five days.

to buy the fence b / three-meter poles at 300 rubles.apiece, and the cross - to 60 rubles.meter size 40h20 mm.For the gate and gate pillars purchased 80x80 mm and a length of 3.5 m. The gates, he plans to make sliding.While there is no light, he started digging and concreting the mortgage under the rollers.Temporarily connected to a neighbor's power and made the upper bridge between the pillars of the fence.More colored poles - 32 column and about 60 bridges on the three-meter was spent only 4 liters of paint in two layers.

While he was engaged in the fence, there was a long struggle between him and electricians for the electrical connection.

Electrical connection

epic of conduct and electrical connection lasted long.This digging trenches, delivery and laying of the cable, the signal strip, the assembly of the electric panel.Then the laboratory, sealing the counter.And thus the cost of connecting electricity came to 170 000 rubles.

But this still is not over.We arrived electricians told to seal the counter.He allowed, and they sealed the counter, closed electrical panel and also sealed and skven remained without electricity in the area for about 2-3 weeks.

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