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01 June 2016

What if your own small suburban area, and wants to build a big house?The obvious answer is to purchase a larger portion.Or buy a neighbor!That's how one family came from Novosibirsk, which bought the neighbor's land after it was overgrown with grass over the fence and the neighbors began to appear there less and less.

contest Following the acquisition of the second section, began to look for a suitable project.First it was found a very nice version of the house with a bay window.However, its dimensions (5x6 m) were small, and such a house would not look at the background of the complex "Bath - a summer kitchen" (6x10 m).To verify the size of the future house, we invited the designer, who has determined that between 40-year-old fir trees can be placed luxury building 10x10 m. Soon, the project was ready, but, unfortunately, not been preserved because in translating it into practice due to variousobstacles and the reasons it was heavily modified.Alas, when the project was unable to avoid mistakes, but the hous

e is still the families and loved ones.

The living room was a staircase leading to the second floor, where the house the three rooms and a toilet.The walls of the second floor of the timber would be only to the middle and higher - sloping ceiling.In general terms, the site shows how buildings are located.Now, the roof of the garage project could go from one room, there was planned something like a huge balcony with table, sunbeds, etc.The only issue of concern to the hostess, was: "How do I clean it, the more that grows near the Manchurian walnut?".

Under construction were made some changes to the project.For example, before sloping entrance to the house there porch, as there was no vestibule, and in the Siberian conditions is unreasonable.For the same reason, to abandon the "second world" as warm as many cubic meters of air - and expensive and time consuming.In this regard, staircase to the second floor will now be in the hallway.There was a second entrance to the house from the garden to make it more convenient to go to the bath, summer kitchen and garage.Before the "black" is built a small cozy patio for heat as well as to "not to drag the dirt into the house."There you can sit in the evening, admire the flower gardens and a small lake.

construction began, as expected, with the foundation.Pit get deep, as it was made in view of the fact that the house will be a technical basement.From the outset, it was decided to build a wooden house.Based on the budget, choose a bar 150x150 mm.Immediately after the construction of the basement there was a question where to buy lumber at a lower price and to whom to entrust its styling?Through relatives, all settled, and work has begun to boil.
During construction unexpectedly revealed that the coveted bay can not be done.The urgency was invited designer who came up as possible.Therefore, instead of trapezoidal bay, turned triangle.Another change, in order to significantly reduce the cost of construction, alteration roof was instead turned an ordinary sloping ceilings attic with a balcony overlooking the garden.In the far right corner of the living room corner fireplace was planned, even made him a strong foundation.However, until now it is still a little dream.There are a lot of pans, awaiting their turn.

contest life also brought about changes: on the second floor was planned bedroom, children and a guest room.In connection with the birth of her second daughter now, instead of the guest room will be another baby: for the eldest daughter will completely white room with a painted ceiling and walls, and for the younger - pink "Barbie room" with a canopy over the bed.
So, what eventually happened?

As for the money question .

for 7 years without inflation for the construction of the house, its electrification, heating, sanitation and water supply, as well as the interior and exterior have already spent about 2 million rubles.Themselves sections 8 acres each (now merged document), which were bought as a summer cottage: first - 12 years ago (quite cheap, since in addition to the house there was nothing there), the second - 7 years ago for 87,000 rubles.In addition, naivety has led to the fact that the house is not yet habitable climbed robbers breaking glazing, and brought everything they could.Unforeseen expenses for the purchase of a new plastic windows and bars on the windows.

Technical details :

In the first level (entrance hall) ceiling height is 4.20 m, and the second (dining room, living room) - a little more than 3 m. Since the area of ​​the hall is big enough but not huge, we decided to leave the beamto avoid the effect of "well".Initially, the beam in the hallway planned cut off, but since there is the height of about four meters, they decided to leave, ennobling and absorbing tinted antiseptic.They will hang lights that will shine in different directions.By the way, they have already been purchased, but in the packaging and the thieves got.Living room area is 36 sq.m.Ceiling omitted there as a square with the middle cut.
between the hallway and dining room there is a gender difference.Stairs made it conceived mistress, and then she personally sanded and varnished.She also made or restored some pieces of furniture, for example, on the veranda is a table made his own mistress.And the garage door, it is also beautiful.Design rooms, it also makes its own.

contest Despite the fact that the construction of the house continued for 7 years, has been 3 years it live on the first floor with no stairs to the second, continuing the construction.The first floor is sheathed with plasterboard.Already held heating (boiler on liquid fuel), independent water supply and sewerage.There gasoline generator in case of power failure.To live in the house constantly is not planned, but this year due to the repair of the apartment the family was in the country until November 5.All winter residence (up to - 15 ° C outside) is already available, and in the house at the same time consistently maintained at 25 C.


approach to a well with an electric motor located inside the well of him had digged trench about 11 meters long (since it was necessary to bypass spruce), 1.5 meters deep (the temperature is freezing).Inside the pipe, insulated with glass wool (from mice) is a hose which extends into the basement.There is a storage tank 1000 liters, the filter 2 (before and after).This summer, nakonets is made automatic pouring.Well, then - pump, copper pipes.Water is good, you can even wash white laundry in the washing machine.When the end of the drinking water bottle, the water is used in the food from the wellbore which is within the well.


Perhaps it is made is not perfect, it is very big and it has turned out high, but inexperienced person it is not noticeable.Drain by eating specially did not do that because it will constantly clogged needles have to clean it often.And so, on the blind area, the water flows down to the lawn, where there is a height difference.

Problems in the construction was, as they say, car and small truck.For example, the first bar only lasted until the middle.While the rest prepared, passed and a half years.On the one hand - a hitch, and the other - the "plus" because the tree was good to hold out and there was shrinkage.So now, when the walls sheathed with plasterboard covered with wallpaper and virtually no cracks.However it is better in a wooden house, with plasterboard cladding, leaving a small gap to the ceiling, which can be closed plinth.Originally it was planned to use the drywall in the living room on the two walls, and leave all planed timber, but its quality was not pleasant, so all walls closed plasterboard.

floorboards bought through a friend, so they got thicker and cheaper.However, when laying it turned out that the thickness varies from pine boards and get more swings.It seems that it is impossible to align the floor, but it was like a pine!Found workers who coped with this problem, of course, for so little money (rent grinders, labor costs), so that the cost razed, but a little dream come true: in the house of a real pine floor!

Last year, the exterior walls sheathed with vinyl siding and the house connected with the garage roof, and then he began to look quite presentable.However, in the past it has always been the most beloved and relatives.Moreover, there are so many things done "with their hands"!