The device is sex in a country house

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01 June 2016
main elements are overlapping beams, the stiffness depends on them design.Any overlap should be arranged in such a way as to withstand the weight of not less than 260 kg per square meter.The beams rest on the adjacent supports, the distance between them is called the span and varies in the range of 2 - 6 m.From the width of the span depends on the cross section of the beam.For ventilation of the space under the floor must be triple produhi, which are protected by a metal grid in the summer and winter closing flaps.

Underground space (Underground) should be at least 65 centimeters.If floors are distributed on joists, then mezhpolnoe space should be well insulated.Otherwise, the moisture accumulates in living rooms, will penetrate into the inter-sexual and low temperatures will cause the process of rotting wood.

on the bottom of the beams attached cranial bars are the mainstay of boards on which will be based on a heater.Cranial profile and can be carved in protesyvaniya logs.After laying
the beams and the level of scrutiny of a horizontal location on the skull nailed sticks rolled forward from the boards.Nakat hiding glassine layer so that its edges wrapped up (they are fixed to the joists).In the case where runs are often stacked, and the distance between them does not exceed 1.2 meters, floorboards can be laid on them.At widely spaced beams on which joists are laid with a frequency of 0.6 -1.2 m, which used bar section 50 x 100 or 50 x 80 mounted on joists clean floors.

device for wooden floors on joists or beams used board thickness not less than 40 mm.If the plank wooden floors on concrete, then they can use the board thickness up to 30 mm.Usually
floors of the first floor of a country on the structure of stacked sleepers, which are the mainstay for columns of brick, set on rammed earth.High level groundwater requires additional devices basement floors.

If concrete floors in the house, the floors are on the joists, laid on the concrete surface.For insulation and soundproofing layer is used Particleboard, slag or expanded clay.
When the device multi-layer wood floors are used wooden sleepers, particle boards and MDF boards.As an insulating material under the black chipboard flooring laid foam, coated on both sides with aluminum foil.Plank floors are assembled from the dry boards (usually coniferous wood), which are stacked end to end, in the tongue, or a quarter and nailed to the joists.

floors, stacked back to back, made up of boards that are slightly shorter space of length (about 1 cm).The first board is laid along the wall and with two long nails attached to the joists.Flow board can be easily determined by measuring the perimeter of the room and performing simple calculation.Following the first board placed next three, then using carpenter's clamps and wedges, planks are fitted together and then nailed.The operation is repeated until the completion of laying the floor.Hats of nails should be drowned.At the end of the set plinth.

Wooden floors in the methods of installation "in tongue" or "quarter" is also located on joists and backfill layer.The first board is placed so that the selected quarter was attached to the wall.Other boards are placed so that the tongue closed the nail heads.Nails that nailed the last board, must be concealed plinth.

Within a year of laying wooden floors painted not recommended that they should be well dry.If a year between the boards gender gap formed, the floor should be perestelit again.
Plank floors should be strong, have good sound insulation, comply in appearance to interior design.Floor level should coincide with the thresholds of doors, or be slightly lower (1 - 2 cm).With proper installation plank floors will last a long time.