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01 June 2016

Training materials

calculate the total area of ​​the walls of the second floor of the main house and outbuildings, s_e_s_h came to the conclusion that the 2500 bricks will not be enough.And then he remembered that his uncle in the area for a long time lying idle expanded clay blocks.

talking with his uncle, he found out that they do not need it right now.Do not delay it for two flights on gazelle perevёz 200 blocks to their site.Then use the wheelbarrow razvёz and folded around the house on the perimeter of the bricks and blocks.After the completion of all preparatory work, he and an assistant bricklayer, and proceeded to the facing brick wall.

Facing walls

It was necessary for several reasons:

  • First of all, it was necessary to level the plane of the walls of the old and the new house;
  • Make insulation, sound insulation and wind the house;
  • brickwork - is a strong and reliable basis for fixing insulation and windows.

During the construction of the second floor extension of the wall beams

were laid indented inward for the subsequent laying of bricks.Left Indent allowed to put a brick wall at the floor while maintaining 5 cm ventilation gap between the beam and brick.

Due to the fact that the beams and bricks, different materials, and therefore have different physical properties, joining them, he did not.And to brickwork was solid, we decided to pack after every fifth row of brick plaster welded grid with a cell of 50 mm by 50 mm and 1 mm thick and 10 cm wide.


during work were used homemade "Armenian" forest.Several of the "triangle", he took a neighbor, and the rest made himself from old boards.These boards are attached, with the nail heads are not clogged before the end of that later can be easily dismantled.Woods propped up floorboards 50 mm, donated neighbor.

to disassemble "Armenian" forest, you need to change the props on stage for longer and raising triangles with him nailed to the deck.

Facing walls

process of lining the walls of the brick is as follows.s_e_s_h engaged thread welded mesh, was the heat, so he is still engaged in watering brick and his rise to the second floor.Assistant kneading solution and raises it to the second floor, and in his spare time helping s_e_s_h.Mason was doing masonry.Masons and his assistant, he paid 2000 rubles.per day (9 hours with lunch).

During the seven days off the three of them have put the southern half of the house.It should take into account that a lot of time was spent on the construction and analysis of forests, as well as to lift bricks on the second floor.

plane of the wall of the second floor of the main house with the two sides were at a distance of 30 cm from the plane of extension of the walls, so s_e_s_h decided to impose the wall of the main house, using lightweight aggregate blocks and bricks.For

wall strength brick mesh reinforced every 5 rows, and blocks every two rows, the width of the mesh was 15 cm (height corresponds to the height of two blocks of five rows of bricks).The blocks were cut with a diamond blade grinder.

To the walls were vertical, to the eaves of the roof of the old masonry nail attached, and pulled the cord vertically plumb.

In the main house and outbuildings different foundations, so during the electrode of the second floor was made expansion joint, which, after the house for lining bricks s_e_s_h closed up with foam.Pena makes a strong and yet flexible connection is not fearful shrinkage

on the plates of the walls has been used all the bricks and blocks almost all the (remaining 6 pcs.).The remaining blocks and fragments used to strengthen the road.

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