Construction Dusík

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01 June 2016
phobos24 conceived in 2009 to build a new shower and toilet facilities in the same building.Build will have a new place to for the construction to be able to go to the toilet and wash after work.

Selecting the

a small area is quite difficult to choose a location.As a result, the search space for a new soul brought to the border area closer to the compost.Plot is phobos24 bulk, so is above the neighbor's land to 50 cm. Due to this fact it was decided to make the neighbor's land along the concrete retaining wall.

retaining wall

After calculations, it became clear that it is necessary to concrete wall 12 meters long, 25 cm wide and 50 cm high. On the wall, according to estimates will take about 1.5 cubic meters of concrete.

first made a trench on the slope.She was ready by July 23.Her upper level - a lower level area phobos24, and its lower level - it is the top level of a neighbor's land.Then he began to construct shuttering dozens of plywood in the garage modulo style.The size
of each module was 50x150x25 cm. For sealing the bottom of the film, and he put the roofing material, and by 26 July formwork was ready.

through the retaining wall paved drainage pipes that water does not stagnate on the site and flowed below and laid into formwork reinforcement.

concrete wall he did for himself.The mixer poured a bucket of water, one bucket of cement grade 500, two buckets of gravel and sand, and two disturbed.Wall filled two days.

Site Preparation for Dusík

the last day of vacation, he transplanted the grape was harvested pergola.At the weekend he started leveling the area under the fill plate.The project area is planned Dusík 3x3 m. The foundation - a plate.

finding a site for the foundation, he dug a pit 3x3 and a depth of 50 cm. Built formwork, held the pipe to drain water into the pit under the pressure tower where the water is drained from the current soul.

foundation under Dusík he decided to insulate and bought foam 10 cm. Thick, roll stekloizol 3 to 9 meters each, geotextiles.All he paid about 3,500 rubles.

laid geotextiles in the pit, I covered it with sand and leveled.I put foam and covered it Stekloizol overlap.Stekloizol pasted Rufleks mastic, which is used for the soft roof, the work required accuracy because foam sealant can burn in case of contact with him.

Then he poured a substrate from a mixture of cement and sand thickness of 5 cm. It took 4 bags of cement.It is needed for laying reinforcement.

bought 25 bags of cement grade M - 500 and rebar for the foundation.Before laying the valve did manually bend the drain pipe of 110 mm diameter asbestos.When knitting reinforcement value of grid cells turned out - 20 cm.

He took two layers of mesh Formwork and then welded them to the uprights.It turned out pretty hard, as it was intended to be able to walk, and to not bend design.The valve cooked electrode triple.

Design project Dusík

built premises will be divided into two separate rooms: a toilet and a shower.The shower will be installed a wood-burning heater, a small sink, a bathroom and a small window.In addition to the toilet bowl corner sink.Paul will be the filling.

From biotoilet phobos24 immediately refused.There need any harmful chemicals, and then there is a problem - where it all wash away - whether in the area, or to find a place where to take out.Yes, and they are small in size, sit uncomfortable.Therefore, I decided to make a peat toilet.Fall asleep with peat, and after filling all thrown into the compost and naturally processed, without disturbing the environment.The smell will be made ventilation

Fill foundation

On Saturday, he drove up 5 cubes of sand and gravel 5,2 cube.For two days, he poured the foundation for Dusík.The solution is prevented as follows: 1 bucket of cement took a bucket of water 1, 2 buckets of sand and gravel 2.Plate thickness is 30 cm. On the whole foundation took 18 bags of cement brands M-500.As a result, it took him to fill about 2.7 concrete cube in two days.The plane leveled concrete aluminum rule.

During casting slab formwork raspёrlo aside, but that the upper plane of the plate has not changed.

Next weekend using a grinder, he has cut the protruding part of the asbestos sewer pipe.

then bent to the plate Stekloizol surplus.On the grill warmed asphalt, he missed the seams and on the foundation laid stekloizol with overlap of 20 cm, and again missed all seams.Then he proceeded to capture the formwork.Removing all unnecessary around, made dumping area adjacent to the foundation, gravel.

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