Cozy patio

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01 June 2016
territory planning

no need to make outdoor patio large enough for him 30sqmConstruction patio should start with site selection and limiting the area.Playground located next to the shield with two or three sides, leaving open the southern part.It looks very beautiful patio, located on a small dais bulk.Retaining sidewalls made using formwork and reinforced concrete, to construct garden wall ladder to the garden.If

patio is on the front of the house, the steps do even from the street, decorating them with different elements and colors.In situ concrete necessarily fit drainage pipes.Internally, the device assumes patio paving, some part of tiles, and the rest of the space occupied by lawns and flower beds.It is also not very large retaining walls made of rolling compacted soil, they laid natural stone or turf close.


Fences patio should not be built of heavy materials such as brick and concrete slabs.Lightweight and breathable, it must possess such qualities decorative fence.It may
be an ordinary fence of thin boards or woven twigs.For woven fence installed iron poles diameter 4-6sm., Which as prozhiliny welded pipe smaller in diameter 2cm.The pipes must be painted in the color of woven material in order to maintain the color gamut of all fences.The best material for him is considered willow twigs, which is no problem to prepare, having gone to any body of water.Unusually look beautiful wall lattice made of thin strips, laid out at the bottom of a flower bed.Recent the pillars are made of small tubes, they reinforce the soil tightly and sealed concrete screed.

upper patio shelter from the elements can be done in the form of tents, umbrellas and awnings, but do not fully cover the whole area.Leaving open space, you will get the opportunity to build a yard fireplace.Pergola with a crate of natural wood and twine vines on it an excellent option for hot days.Boards width 40-50cm.edge placed on the skeleton base and fasten by means of brackets.If the patio is adjacent to the fence area and pergola will be built there, one end of the batten rests on a fence.From the width of the board and the frequency of their placement depends on the testimony of the shadows.

cobbled courtyard

order to lay the tiles in the interior of the courtyard, it is necessary to provide a quality gutter on all platforms.Therefore, the surface should have a small bias towards the gutter, about about 1cm per meter.

After delimitation yard and remove the top layer of sod soil held leveling pad.Next, the base of the mound, compacted by exposed lighthouse and poured a layer of the desired solution for stacking three or four plates.Concrete solution is aligned with the board, and then lay down tiles with wide seam 1.2sm.

Begin laying need to place the highest courts, if the patio is adjacent to the wall of the house.There are plates placed first along the walls of the house.Drainage ditches are doing in the lowest part of the site, along the retaining walls and masked by shrubs.

Construction patio is a fascinating thing.Periodically making that - something new and building additions to the various planning yard, every time you will give it a new and fresh look.