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01 June 2016
With profiled bar he already had a job and did not want to communicate, in a brick was no special need for accommodation is not often in the winter, so he decided to make karkasnik little seizing its quality.

First of all, to address the shortcomings karkasnika he decided to build the interior walls of brick - This solution can implement a number of compensation decisions.

as the foundation chose Swedish stove to warm the floor - it is convenient and comfortable, if you do a solar heating system.

thermal insulation of external walls is planning to make 12 cm Rockwool Ventibats D.

Requirements bath

guys should be 2,5h2,5 m, the size of washing is not less.It is natural to be a dressing room and a place where you can safely drink tea.More to the vestibule and toilet.As a result of the wishes of the size of the bath is not less than 6,5h7,8 m. Bath will have two floors.Downstairs room, and on the second floor of the guest house.

foundation - a plate

To fill the stove, the workers removed th
e first layer of fertile soil, and then all of a pit filled schebёnkoy 10 cm thick. On top spread a geotextile, which poured 10 cm of sand, leveled and stamped it.Top placed 10 cm penoplex who hid waterproofing Bikrost.

Did shuttering of boards, tied rebar 12 mm in two layers and poured slab thickness of 16 cm. The perimeter of the foundation and the center made strengthening the foundation by 5 cm. On the stove went eight cubic meters of concrete.

Before pouring the concrete paved the sewage pipes, plumbing and heating.Water from washing baths and decided to merge into a pit next to the bath, and from the toilet and sink in Los Astra-5.Having

plate, raised the interior walls of brick, with a groove made in the walls for the installation of heating, to the wall, too, were warm.

frame bath

Racks carcass baths collected from 50h150 board with a gap of 59 cm. For rigidity frame top and bottom racks incised horizontal beams from the same board.All connections are secured with screws 5,5h80 mm wood.Struts do not have because of uselessness.When the carcass used galvanized corners of 8x8 cm with an edge hardness.

roof trusses design focused on a brick wall and it is offset relative to 1 m. It was necessary for the installation of solar heating:

southern slope roofs must have an angle of inclination of 45 degrees, in order to place it on the solar collectorand that it was working effectively.

rafter boards have a length of 6 m, and no desire to build.So get the offset angle of the ridge and the northern slope.

In this regard, the entire load on the truss system to go to three bar 200x200 mm larch, which in turn lie on the inside of a brick wall.At the ends of the beam from the top beam is 100x150 mm, it is based on the ceiling of the second floor joists and rafters of the southern slope.

southern slope of the roof, he decided to cover floorings dark chocolate color.On profiled, he decided to put a tube collector and cover its polycarbonate.On the northern slope put ordinary metal roofing.

Wall insulation

Having frame house, the first floor, he sheathed OSB-3, painted in the color of the country house and insulate Ventibats D 12 cm ventzazorom 3-6 cm. The second floor sheathed wooden siding on the suburban house, andwell insulated.

baths in the vestibule did pariozolyatsiyu.Mineral wool inside he closed windproof film.Ceiling joists and floor joists of the second floor are independent of each other.Ceiling joists covered with 5 cm due to the cut and filed a vapor barrier, which put a layer of mineral wool - 5 cm. Between the joists put pieces of the second layer of mineral wool.

the attic between the joists put 20 cm of mineral wool.On the wall of the second floor, converted to the southern slope (polumansarda) placed 10 cm mineral wool between the uprights.

Warm floor

frame constructed baths, he regretted not set floor heating pipe by pouring the slab.He wanted them close tie, and first put in the bath 5 cm Styrofoam and washing - 5 mm substrate Energoflex.

I wanted this case to invite experts from some of the company, but, unfortunately, he did not take, so the workers do a simple screed concrete.During filling in the yard it was 6-20 degrees below zero, so put a heater for heating 1,5 kW and stove.

Wiring electrical

To comply with fire safety in the bath all wiring is laid in corrugated pipe 16 mm.They put a guard, ammo and time switches.Completely made exterior lighting near the bath.For permanent lighting at night in front of the house and the space bath uses 20 W led spotlight.There are also two 10 watt led spotlights, reacts to movement.With their help, illuminated path along the playground behind the bath and bath.

LED spotlight for low-power diode has a narrow directional beam of light in the form of spots.A super-power LEDs have a large angle of illumination and fill the strip 40 meters to the fence.

On Saturday, there was a meeting of workers in the bath, which was informed that the work is temporarily stopped for a week.

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