Lumber house.

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01 June 2016
construction amateurs, so completely trust the builders, especially hoped that they will come to us on the final finish.They would come and finish, if not the case.House normally staid winter, the roof has not developed.Close working team of Pskov, we called them to him, to arrange completion.How to build we like, take not expensive.And those that we had before, I did not want t. To. After they change house started up in a cloud of mice, they are very messy eating bread on the floor littered.
so.This fear has come when we have this new brigade said that we do not have.

1. log thick logs and connection grooves 10 centimeters, this defect can not be corrected.In these places, the wall will freeze .

2. cut down angles in the leg and not exactly cut .Steel dub corners, they appeared overwhelmed inside the house, that is,they are not vertical, but a little pyramid-house.Vertical difference between the bottom and the top 15 centimeters, although visually it was not noticeable.But now I see it.This defec
t is also not correct.

3. roof can not be repaired, only to demolish .It is now demolished.What we have been there.Ceiling beams must be cut into the upper crown for this, and it cut down to put the beam.And they cut down the crown of the upper bit, and the beam was cut down to almost half, and so put together.Iethe entire load of the second floor fell on the slender portion of the thick logs, it's like not to hold his hand, but only the nails.

rafters at the top of sealed properly, too, something they have cut, thinned with the very rafters.We have cut them too wrong, but how to explain I do not know.This specialist will understand.The mere fact that the sides of the rafters nailed the bars so they do not slide to the side, alone says something.My husband told them about these bars, but they are like, this is temporary, come - do everything as it should, it should be at this stage.Now we build a new roof.Even now everything is clear to me, as it should be.

More about the roof.So, it is high, the 6-meter trusses were certainly short.But it did not bother anyone.Make it so that the roof is not much hanging on the walls, as if a little small.Laziness they were docked rafters.But I think if I join, it would also have done wrong, we chose a little, rather than meter, as it should be, and would be shot down.

4. Inside the house is filled with the foundation for the fifth wall, we ordered it from a bar .So it turned out that the foundation of it is absolutely not necessary.Wall hanging, without relying on the foundation.It relies only on the log walls that vrublyus.It also somehow be corrected.In general, they initially like something is wrong sex laid logs, not in that order.
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