The solid nature of soft material

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01 June 2016
said: "In a dispute born truth."There are lots of favorite themes, which are constantly discussing prove something, arguing with someone, never reached the promised truth itself.How much time is necessary to allow for shrinkage of the foundation of what materials can be, from what absolutely can not build a house, how to build the roof of his house, to avoid problems in the future, any roofing material better, some worse, and so on ...etc.
Roofing theme rich in such judgments.Rather, the vast majority knows the answers to these questions are, moreover, "competent" to give advice in this area from a height of "professional" experience.Argue and debate on the subject amateurs can indefinitely.
In this article we consider the most "popular" rumors about the roofing material - shingles, thus dispel some of the myths truly unique.

Myth №1:
Shingles - it is the same only more expensive roofing material

Comparison of these materials at least raises a smile from technicians.
In order to understand what is the difference or similarities of one material from another, you must first figure out what is BASE material.After all, this is the whole secret.
- What is the basis of roofing material?
- recycled paper - paper!
- What is the basis of shingles RUFLEX Mint?
- fiberglass! fiberglass unlike paper does not rot - is the first and most important difference!
to produce shingles RUFLEX Mint uses a high quality bitumen with addition of SBS-innovative polymer that is coated on both sides with glass fiber, which has a significant impact on the durability of the material as compared to the roofing material, which is used for conventional bitumen.
top layer of shingles - a stone granulate, which protects the bitumen from any external influences.The surface of the roofing material generally does not covered, respectively, the material is protected from UV rays.In many ways, this is caused by the durability of the material: roofing material is used - 5 years, shingles - more than 50 years.
And this is just a few differences.If desired, they can be listed for a long time: special technology in the production of roof tiles, the term of a written guarantee, world-renowned suppliers of raw materials, an assortment of accessories, and others. It is obvious that to equate these materials can only be a person who does not have even a minimum knowledge of the existing materials.

Myth №2:
Shingles - a very expensive roofing material, which can afford only very rich people.

One of the commonplaces of myths.
Firstly, the "rich people" can afford any roof - slate, copper, natural and, of course, flexible ... Do not you?
Secondly, YES! - shingles an expensive material (unless it is not a Russian counterparts, which at times inferior in quality and accordingly lower in price).

likely spawned the rumor owners' ancient cottages, "which as a roofing material is known, only one - the slate.As time went on ... house aged, the roof sprung a leak, there was a need and a desire to update it.Often the choice falls on the shingles, because the beautiful and aesthetic material attracts attention.Comparing the price of obsolete or poor-quality slate roofing with shingles, the difference is so obvious that it is hard to miss.In this case, of course, shingles - an expensive roofing material.It would be naive to believe that the roof can be a cheap high-quality, reliable and durable.But, unfortunately, it does not happen!For high-quality, reliable, durable material (factory warranty on the shingles RUFLEX Mint 15 years).Is not it?

Remember that saving on the roof, is as absurd as the foundation.From the quality of the roofing material depends on the state and life of the entire structure.
Planck matter, a price set for himself.Question cheap or dear one or another thing for every person is different.

Myth number 3:
shingles on cold cracks and breaks.

This assumption is partially true.The fact that each of the materials available on the market comply with the features and specifications of production, so to speak, "recipe" shingles.Most manufacturers of shingles using oxidized bitumen, which is the main reason for the fragility of the tile, it cracked in the cold and can not withstand mechanical pressure (on the roof of such material can not move, can not be installed as the tiles in the cold season).

Unlike shingles based on oxidized bitumen in the production of tiles RUFLEX Mint applies ONLY SBS modifier, which makes asphalt more ductile, and therefore, to withstand the conditions of the Russian winter.Also at the influences shingles and applying special HDPE-film on the rear surface of shingles.
choosing a roofing material for your home, be sure to pay attention to this nuance.

Myth number 4:
Shingles is deformed in the sun and see the board.

irregularities will take place on the roof only if a solid base were used substandard (raw) boards, plywood boards, or OSB.
we recommend using high-quality OSB boards or waterproof plywood, and if you still use edged board, it should be a natural dry!

Myth number 5:
Shingles fade.

The shingles RUFLEX Mint colored stone strew the thermochemical method, iepaint penetrates into the structure of the stone, rather than just covering it from above the specified color, so the pellets do not lose its original color.
This misconception comes from homeowners in the survey of the roof.If a bend (raise) the top row of shingles, the color granulate underneath will be much darker and richer.This is a very simple explanation: they are not exposed to changes in the granules, which is in full view, and those who are served, followed by shingles.

difference in color granulate tiles on top "petals" and "under petals" arises from the fact that bitumen having a dark oily structure of the upper layer of the lower absorbed granules, so the upper shingles and appear "washed out",more faded.Hence comes the misconception that shingles fades, loses its color under the influence of external factors.

Myth number 6:
very complex assembly in cold weather!

happened - but it is possible!
Tiles RUFLEX Mint can not mount the rain and snowfall, the presence of SBS modifier allows to work at low temperatures, but the need to comply with certain conditions:
1) Tile laying up is stored in a warm place for 2-3 days.
2) For best adhesion adhesive layer tiles building warms hairdryer, in extreme cases, Thermo glued.
3) All metal parts requiring a bend, bend only in a warm room.
4) Bitumen adhesive work must be heated in a water bath (dilute it with acetone and other additives strictly prohibited ).

Myth number 7:
necessity of additional costs due to the solid base.

Solid base - a design feature of the roof shingles.As for the house needs a foundation and to the roof, for example, natural tile - a powerful crate and reinforcement of truss construction, for the proper functioning of the roof space ventilation must correctly.To ignore these requirements, see them as a waste of money, at least not right.Each material has its own mandatory conditions without which it is impossible to use.

course, any questions and doubts about this or that material should be dispelled, or, on the contrary, confirmed.And it is better to think in advance about what, how and what to do, rather than later on how to alter it.The decision should be taken on the basis of actual facts and objective arguments of competent professionals.

RUFLEX Mint - a new generation of shingles.
Easy, reliable, affordable.

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